New Years Eve/Day

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope your New Years Eve was as good as mine was! I went out with my best and closest friends to the Irish Centre which was really fun! We danced, drank and had a laugh and it was nice to be out for New Years as I’ve never gone out for it before. Although I did enjoy myself I think this year I would like to stay in with junk food and a movie and friends if I can.

A fond moment from last night was when me and my best friend were waiting for my Dad to take us home by the coach station. My friend made the random comment along the lines of, “I wonder if like the films you get a Mother and her kid running away from the husband and they go through here and get a coach.” her reason for saying this was due to seeing a Mother (and I think) son was going through the coach station and the son had a suitcase. It made me laugh and wonder myself, reminding me a little of London To Brighton (if you haven’t seen that film I recommend it!) and has inspired me to base a story off of it.

I just thought this was a lovely thing to add as my first proper post here. 😀


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