First pub trip of 2012!

THE PUB! The place to go to see your friends, talk random nonsense and get drunk. I hadn’t seen my friend for a while (a while being pretty much a month!) and her being one of my closest friends I NEEDED to see her soon so we planned a trip to the pub to gossip and relax.

We had a great time and laughed loads about things we were talking about. One conversation in question being…

My friend: “I bet he has a big one.”

Me: “What, his bed?”

My family and friends know I have a very rude sense of humour and for me to be innocent for a change is SHOCKING and it’s the reason why it was so funny. 😛

From there we went back to my friends to relax, watch crappy music videos and gossip some more.

I had a lovely evening and it was nice to unwind and catch up with my friend. I’ve missed her!


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