Since the 19th December I’ve been pretty ill and let me tell you, IT SUCKS. I seemed to have flu for the first couple of days which then turned into a chest infection. I went to the doctors on Christmas Eve and got myself some antibiotics. They lasted me 5 days and my cough seemed to go away… However today I’ve woken up with a terrible sore throat/cough and it’s so frustrating! I’m sick of being ill as I have been on and off since September and it’s very annoying. Sore throat/cough I just want it to go away!

As well as making you feel ill, it’s been making me feel very miserable that I just don’t feel up to doing anything from coughing so much it gives me a headache. I’m hopefully going to get myself to the doctors this week before Friday.

For the rest of my day however I intend to do some productive things, I’ve already looked for some work and work experience and I intend to do other things… Like play on my PS3. Oh how productive eh? 😛


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