Coldplay – Paradise

When I was 14/15 years old my tastes in music began to immerge and thanks to my brother’s good taste in music he introduced me to some bands that I am now in love with. These being Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal, Foo Fighters and not forgetting Coldplay.

He borrowed me Coldplay’s 2 first albums, Parachutes and God Put a Smile On Your Face when I was this ripe age and since then I have loved the band, although I won’t lie I have been extremely disappointed in their albums since then as they just don’t have that relaxing feel like the first 2 did.

However I have high hopes for their latest album Xyloto and I can’t wait to listen to it. To the subject of what this posts title is about… I first heard Paradise when I went to Snobs with my friends for my best friends 22nd birthday and since then I have fallen in love. The lyrics are just so beautiful and it’s relaxing and at the same time a very upbeat and happy song you can dance to happilly in a club or in your bedroom with hair brush in hand in front of the mirror. 😛

AND that isn’t all that is good about it, the music video is so cheerful and sweet! The whole band are dressed as elephants, with Chris Martin having to make his way to reuinte with his elephant band mates and it’s just so sweet and a typical video from Coldplay.

This is definatly a song that will remind me of this year already as it has a message behind the lyrics I can relate to and therefore want to scream out (cough/sore throat preventing this ATM) and I want to dance like crazy to it in a club.

Here’s the official music video if you haven’t heard the song yet and would like to. Enjoy it!


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