Messed up sleep pattern

Mine is crazy right now and it needs sorting out ASAP, which is what I intend to do tonight! My sleep has been messed up on and off for the past couple of months but it goes better and then back to bad again. *tuts at self*

Today was pretty dumb though! I went to sleep at 6am and woke up at 9amish to hear that post had arrived and I’m due some parcels from Amazon so like a child on Christmas I ran down the stairs and to the post to see if anything of mine had arrived. To my delight the book I ordered had arrived and also a birthday card from one of my friends.

The book I ordered is Gok Wan’s autobiography Through Thick and Thin, which was a delight to lie in bed and read this morning. After I reached chapter 2 though I felt tired and decided to sleep again… Only to wake up at 2.30pm and stupidly fall back to sleep… Until a shameful 4pm. >.<

Yes how stupid of me, even on 3 hours sleep I should have stayed awake at 9am and slept early tonight. Although I’m so stupid that when I have done this in the past I still don’t go to sleep until the early hours.

Anyhoo that was my rant about my sleep. I’m going to bed at 12am this evening with my book and will try to aim for chapter 5 and sleep. If I feel tired before that I shall sleep! Good thing about books is they help you doze off at night when you read them. I think it’s due to how much your brain has to work to imagine what you’re reading. So the more imaginative the book, the better!

When I’ve finished reading the book I will DEFINATLY write a review up on it! Also I’ll keep people updated how it’s going, without revealing any spoilers.


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