First piece of amazing news for 2012!

Not long ago I heard thanks to a friend on Facebook and loads of people I follow on Twitter that Lostprophets have announced that they will be releasing their new album on 2nd April 2012! Lostprophets are my favourite band so this news is amazing to me, as well as other fans like myself.

I have been waiting for this album since they announced it a while ago and I seriously can’t wait, literally contained with excitement and their first song from the album will be played tomorrow at 8.30am on Radio One (I assume but I will double-check this for myself!) and tomorrow is *drum roll* MY BIRTHDAY! Sooo this is some amazing news and an amazing start to the day.

Also with a new album, comes a new tour and I haven’t seen the boys play since May 2010 so I NEED to see them live again ASAP! Hopefully will try to get myself to more than one show to make up for 2011. Since 2006 I have seen them once or twice every year, apart from 2011 so I was extremely gutted about that!

EEEE such exciting news! I cannot wait and as soon as the album goes on pre-order I’ll be BUYING IT!


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