So now I’m offically 22!

So yesterday (6th January) it was my birthday and what a birthday it was! WARNING this will be a very long post as it was a very long day. 😛

To start off I didn’t get much sleep, barely any infact! I dozed off around 2.30am, which at the moment is early for me and woke up pretty much dead on 5am and I couldn’t get back to sleep after trying for 2 hours. I don’t know if this was due to the excitement of hearing Lostprophets new song (not single) Better Off Dead or because of the day I had in store.

So I gave up any hope of getting any sleep and decided to stay awake and wait for Radio One to play Better Off Dead. Thanks to my laptop the wait wasn’t as long as it would be and the song was finally played around 8.45am. The song is AMAZING! It reminds me a little of It’s Not The End Of The World and I dunno why! I’ll be writing a post about the song and how excited I am about Lostprophets related news this year.

So I got ready, opened my birthday cards and discovered I had £40 from my Gran and £50 from my Dad! The card my Dad bought me is lovely and has a HUGE penguin on it!

So I made my way up to town and popped into a shop up there to get myself a Crowded Teeth wallet I had had my eye on for months and after getting that I purchased a mechanic watch. Although this watch has been playing up since I bought it and if it continues to do so until Monday I’ll be taking it back and getting my money back. I don’t have £27 to waste. :S

Anyhoo I finally met up with my friends and waited for our train to Stratford-Upon-Avon. I had planned a day full of relaxing but exploring sort of fun and quite frankly I couldn’t wait! The train journey was lovely and as soon as we got into Stratford I was pumped to go and explore. Due to lack of sleep and the day being one I had looked forward to for about a month, I was VERY hyper!

We made our way into the town and decided a plan for the afternoon. We walked by Shakespeare’s house but didn’t go in there, instead we went into a Christmas shop (which was STILL open), a bear shop and the Shakespeare gift shop. In the gift shop I bought myself a quill, pink ink and a cute postcard with a mouse on it that is meant to be Shakespeare. I wish I had bought some black ink too, but I can always get some from the shops. They had LOADS of quills with huge feathers on but I wanted a normal one and the one I bought had more quill tips to choose from (6 in total).

After this we made our way to The Dirty Duck for some lunch and to have a sit down and relax. The pub was AMAZING and I defiantly want to go there again in future. To get to it we had to walk by the river and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre (RST) and the pub was FULL of things to do with it. The table had short messages written on it by actors and actresses and my friend was Googling them to see how famous they were.

We all had similar dishes from the menu, 4 of my friends having a sandwich and me and my friend having garlic bread and chips. If you EVER go into that pub, please try the garlic bread, especially the one with cheese as it is the best garlic bread I have ever had. I actually crave more of it right now as I type this.

After a while we had a relaxing walking over a couple of bridges by the river and to The Butterfly Farm. Now, I have a fear of things flying over my head and into my face so this wasn’t the best idea and this showed throughout the farm. Everytime a butterfly flew over my head I squealed like a little kid and grabbed hold of whichever friend was the closest to me. Although this being said, I was sad when we left as the butterflies looked so beautiful!

We didn’t  have a set plan after this so walked around Stratford for a while seeing what we could find and discover. There had been various sweet shops scattered around and I HAD to go into one while we were there and I’m so glad we did. We discovered a sweet shop like Cybercandy BUT CHEAPER and with traditional sweets at a decent price.

I bought a rainbow unicorn lollipop and 200g’s of blue and white dolphin sweets, do you remember those as a kid?! They also had the HUGE dolphin’s too but the smaller ones seemed more value for money, even though it was only 99p for 100g. I’m defiantly paying that place a visit again!

We decided it was time to go and find a pub to sit in while we waited to go on the ghost tour, which I was really looking forward to! We went into The Garrick Inn which was quaint and great to relax in and my Dad turned up after us being in there for about an hour.

We had planned to go to the first ghost tour at 6pm but decided to relax with our drinks and go to the 7pm one instead, which was a better decision as it meant we had our own tour instead of sharing with other people.

The tour was very spooky and was worth every penny (£7.80 FYI) as you walked through the house with the guide and in amazing detail explained about every spirit in the house, their past and how people have been affected by them on previous tours. It certainly left you feeling very spooked and wondering if your mind was playing tricks on your OR if it was real. Example of this being with me as I heard some scratching on the ground, you know when a dog or cat has long claws and walks along a wood floor, that noise? Yes I think I heard that coming into one of the rooms as I was sat by the door that entered into the room. When I told the guide about this he said, “That’ll be Milly!” did I hear this or was it just my mind playing tricks on me? We’ll never know!

We were left in a bit of a rush after the tour as our train home was due at 10pm and by the time we left the tour it was getting on for 8pm. We made our way towards the train station and went to a pub The Old Thatch Tavern which was only a 5 minute walk from the train station. The food in there was lovely but we had to make sure we ate in time to leave. We had an hour to order food, eat and leave and we did it in good time. The food was lovely apart from the fact the fish I had had LOADS of bones and in the end I didn’t finish it due to that, which didn’t bother me much as I was rather full anyway.

My best friend bought me a lovely chocolate caterpillar cake and bless her she had candles in the bag too. She carried that cake around all day and we never got chance to eat it together, which I was really sad about.

We got to the train and unluckily discovered that we had JUST missed our train and had to take  slight detour, which was to get a train to Hatton and then get another train to Birmingham. We were all shattered and couldn’t wait to get home. My Dad had  left us to go back to Birmingham after he ate his food in the pub and was lovely enough to pick me and my best friend up from town about an hour after our train got there.

Finally I got back home and was exhausted! I tried out my quill and pink ink and relaxed for the rest of the morning. I didn’t get home until about 12.30amish and I didn’t sleep until 4am due to being so paranoid with the whole spirit thing. XD

Our guide at the ghost tour had told us an interesting story how one of the spirits would follow female’s home and stay there for about a week until he decided to go back to the house. Therefore I got VERY paranoid he would have followed me home, which is obviously hasn’t!

I woke up around 2pm today after a much-needed sleep and tried the cake that my best friend bought me, which is fucking beautiful!

I just want to finish this post with a HUGE thank you to my friends and family for such a wonderful day. Without my friends out with me for the day, I don’t know what I would have done to celebrate my 22nd birthday and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon. I love you all and I really hope we can do something like this again VERY soon!


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