Philosophy Amazing Grace shower gel & body emulsion review

For ages I had wanted to try Philosophy’s products but in the UK I couldn’t find them anywhere! One evening whilst watching QVC with my Mom Philosophy popped up on the channel with their products for sale. We watched as they explained and demonstrated each one and suddenly my Mom’s attention was fixed on these two products, which were being sold together in a set.

For years the tops of my arms have been dry and bobbly feeling (can’t explain it) and nothing I had used had ever really taken them away 100% or the dryness would come back hours later. The only products other than the above that worked have been Palmers cocoa butter lotion, Simple’s derma lotion and Original Source’s shower gels. Now those three products have been replaced with these two beasts!

These were a Christmas present from my Mom as she knew I could do with them and as soon as they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them! The next day off to the bathroom I went to try them. The shampoo, bath & shower gel when squibbed/pumped onto a shower puff is lush and foam up very quickly, especially as you rub it on your skin. The smell isn’t heavy at all BUT it lasts all day! The scent is light and fresh smelling and whilst I can’t put my finger on what exactly it reminds me of it is very floral/cotton smelling. It reminds me of a candle that Yankee Candles would make to add alongside their Fresh Cotton type smells. Defiantly a smell for Spring! My skin felt soft and smelt lovely after I got out of the shower and I couldn’t wait to test the body emulsion next!

The body emulsion is supposed to firm your skin and although my Mom has said to feel this happening in her arms when she has tried it, I haven’t! But that could be due to my age. Anyhoo the emulsion is the same scent as the shower gel but a little bit stronger, which doesn’t bother me as it is such a light scent! Not overpowering at all! The texture is silky and not heavy and it isn’t greasy either. With previous lotions I have had to wash my hands after applying due to this but with this emulsion I don’t have to, BUT I do anyway out of habit. I usually take between 10-15 minutes to apply lotion but with this it’s less than 10 minutes due to how silky and light the lotion is. You don’t need to rub too much to start to feel this working its way into your skin.

One day after using both of these and a light spray of Paul Smith Rose I went to visit my Gran and Aunt who both commented on how lovely I smelt. It wasn’t the Paul Smith they could smell but the Amazing Grace and it cheered me up so much to know that for once a shower gel and lotion actually leave a scent on the skin!

Would I recommend this to my friends and you gals reading? A 100 times yes! I can’t stop raving about it and have already recommended for my best friend to try it! It isn’t cheap at £59.00 for both the bottles but for the quality and the amount you get (946 ml EACH) it is worth every penny!

If you have any questions about these, please ask away in the comments!

Link to QVC to view these and QVC offer MORE Philosophy products too.

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