Things I want!

Have decided that every fortnight on a Sunday evening I will do a “things I want!” post. Thought this would be fun to do and also kind of show you guys what stuff I’m liking the look of and what sort of style I have.

  • Deborah Lippmann Glitter in The Air Nail Lacquer. The colour is just amazingly unique and I’ve seen over the pond that Revlon have bought a dupe out of this. So I might wait and see if we get that first before purchasing this baby.

  • Leatherette School Satchel. The second bag I have bought from Peacocks has BROKEN and I’m not at all pleased. Getting my money back (hopefully I can as I couldn’t last time and got the one I have which has broken as a replacement) I’ll be buying that baby on Tuesday if I don’t order it tomorrow when I get home.

  • Studded Slippers. Thanks to Tumblr I have wanted a pair of flats with studs on/in since the Summer and thanks to FoundOnFilm (Sarah) making a video about these, I REALLY want them! Another purchase I might be making on Tuesday.

  • 101 Dalmatians Tee & Shorts. These are now sold out online BUT I am hoping to snatch them up when I go shopping Tuesday. They’re so cute and 101 Dalmatians is one of my favourite Disney films. I’m not too pleased that I can’t see Lucky on the tee print. šŸ˜›

  • Foxy Woven Trouser Pyjamas. Incase I don’t get the 101 Dalmatians ones, but I LOVE foxes and the print on the trousers is just adorable! The colour of the t-shirt is really nice too!

  • Clinique 3 Step. The last time I checked I was 2 for this. With the 3 Step you have to take a skin test to see what number you need. This is done to see whether you’re more dry, normal, combination, oily or sensitive skin. šŸ™‚ I’m going to take the test again when I get this on Tuesday as I’m meant to use the lotion if I’m 2 but I prefer the gel. This is going to be the present from my Mom for my birthday, which is lovely of her!

  • Green Lantern Blu Ray. I loved this film in 2011 and was defiantly my favourite film in 2011. Ryan Reynolds is my favourite actor and Green Lantern is my favourite DC superhero so I’m going to try to get my paws on this soon!


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