The story of the mechanical watch

Basically as I think I mentioned on my birthday post here on the morning before I waddled off to meet my friends at the train station I went and bought a wallet I had specially waiting for me. As I wandered around to try to kill time I noticed one of the newer shops in the  place I was looking around and thought I would have a look at what she had. It’s called Shop! and is a jewellery shop that sells various different pieces which include retro, chic, steam punk and other types. The steam punk pieces were one thing to catch my eye and also the Scrabble letter pieces with the letter N on caught my eye too.

However it was the candles behind her that intrigued me to venture towards the little shop and have a sniff of them. I smelt various ones, none of them appealing to me and then featured my eyes upon the steam punk jewellery, especially the various watches. There were pocket watches of different types, bog standard ones, ones with owls etc and then there was one I noticed on the counter in a box. A gorgeous mechanical watch that lay inside of a clear sphere. This means you can watch the cogs of the watch move as the hands move and the function that makes the tick move. It was extremely interesting and beautiful and like a magpie I had to have the shiny item. I popped to get the money and came back leaving with a gorgeous watch and instructions of how to work it.

Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and the watch failed to keep its ticker going so today I took it back to the shop and decided to get a refund, however I left with one of the pocket watches I spotted on Friday and the rest of the money. The watch I bought cost me £27 (bargain when you look at the ones on Etsy!) and after getting my refund I snapped the pocket watch up for £15 and got £12 in cash.

The pocket watch is everything I could have hoped for, its gorgeous, is better operated and is simple to work whilst looked rather steam punk, a type of fashion I have grown to adore the past couple of days.

Even though the mechanical watch I bought didn’t turn out to be something I would keep I want to promote the woman’s shop who has sold me my pocket watch as she makes her own jewellery and her pieces are beautiful. Her shop is located on the first floor in the Oasis Market in Birmingham and she also has an online store too, link being here.

I have some ideas for my pocket watch after finding one on Etsy exactly the same as mine, only with some charms where the time changer and button to open the front are. Nothing that Etsy or eBay can’t help!

I’ll defiantly be paying her shop a visit again and made sure to tell her this today. 😛


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