A successful and relaxed shopping trip today

This trip had been planned to happen on Tuesday (yesterday) but due to us all having hardly any sleep we left it until today to go and it was a good job we did really! It meant yesterday I got to get my watch changed and get my new pocket watch, which I wore today but I’ll talk about that in a bit.

We didn’t wake up until late due to being night owls in this house hold and we were all shattered but after waking up, groaning about being tired and getting ready we were off around 3.30pm and on our way! During the car journey I took my iPod with me to listen to some music and think about what I wanted to look for. Just for anyone who is wondering I listening to Adele, Flyleaf, Gorillaz and Rihanna. I love travelling around the school kid time but either before or a while after they have left school. It reminds me of when I was at school and the excitement of leaving to get home and in autumn/winter time the weather is so pretty at that time too with the early sunsets.

Finally we arrived at the shopping centre and we were ready to shop! We went to Debenhams and I had my eyes set for heading over to the Clinique counter and after a new consultation with the lovely sales consultant there I found out that I’m still type 2 for the 3 Step system BUT instead of using the lotion for this type I have the gel instead as it works much better for my skin and the woman agreed. Not only did I leave with my 3 huge bottles of product for the system but I also left with a cute little clear bag with some cute little sample sized bottles of the products I bought and a gorgeous lip gloss, which I may buy from Clinque in future.

After this we walked around various shops, first one being Topshop where I wanted to get the 101 Dalmatians PJ’s that I showed you gals and guys earlier this week (if not on Sunday) and the biggest size left is a size I rarely fit so for £12 I took the risk and bought them. If they didn’t fit I could easily take them to Topshop in town to exchange for something else or get my money back.

I didn’t really buy much else after this, only some odds and ends of what I needed (deodorant, hair bands and some vitamin C drink tablet things) and then headed off to the pub for a vodka and coke and a yummy chicken burger and chips. NOM!

Like the true women we are my Mom and I continued to shop and burn the calories we just put on (LOL!) and took a trip to Asda as I wanted to have a mooch around for some things. Ended up leaving with food, too much food infact and everyone had to leave me and head to the car as I was insistent that I wanted to visit Primark before I went home.

It was DEAD which makes a nice change from the one up town and I had a good look around to see what I could find and for once they had stuff I wanted, infact I wish I had had some more money so that I could have bought more! I left with a new black vest and 2 beautiful shirts.

One of them is a sheer red with gold buttons and the only size left is the same as the PJ’s I bought so I thought I would risk it and pick it up. It looks rather baggy and due to it being sheer I thought it would fit okay anyway and once again if I had a problem with it I could take it back and change the size. The other shirt is black with cream cuffs, where the buttons run down and the collar are cream too. I need to get some black shorts to go with them as well as my denim ones and they’ll look lovely for nights out and summer days.

I couldn’t wait to get home to try everything on and see how it looks, little worries in the back of my mind were making me wonder if the 2 pieces that are a size I rarely fit might not fit! Well what a pleasant surprise I had when they fit like a charm!

I put the PJ’s on first as they were my main worry and my Mom said how lovely and cute they looked. YAY! She also commented how gorgeous the red shirt looked too and even though it is sheer she said it looked alright without anything underneath as long as I wore a light coloured bra. I’ll see how conscious I feel at the time though! XD

The other shirt I bought too she said also looks gorgeous but one problem with that shirt is… The buttons haven’t been sown on well AT ALL and are falling off, with 2 buttons already missing. What a load of balls! So we’re taking the one button left on the cuff to replace the missing on the bottom of the shirt and putting some white buttons on the cuffs to make it blend in. As well as this we’re taking off ALL the buttons and sowing them back on ourselves. For £10 I want a shirt with bloody buttons!

That’s all for today though, was a lovely day and now I’m relaxing in the PJ’s I bought yesterday, which are so comfortable while I drink some blackcurrant vitamin C effervescent. It reminds me of what my Mom gave me when I was ill with chicken pox. Good memories eh? 😉


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