Not really an interesting day

So you can have some random babble instead! 😛

Basically woke up and watched 5 episodes of LA Ink as I’ve been meaning to since Christmas and I really do like the show but it’s not something I would fall in love with. I don’t have any tattoos (yet!) but I reckon if and when I do I’ll be more into it.

Speaking of tattoos I really want the one I have in mind done. I bought a tattoo pen from The Oasis Market for a couple of quid and couldn’t wait to have a play with it. I draw a little heart on my wrist and it seemed to work perfectly and now I want it done. Problem is, it doesn’t have any real meaning and I don’t want to get any that people ask about and I reply, “I thought it looked cool.” because that just sounds dumb I feel. I can’t say it’s that I wear my heart on my sleeve because I don’t think I do but I don’t fully understand what it means.

Someone who becomes devoted to something too easily or gives their heart away quickly. They might be easily upset by things going on around them. (Taken from Urban Dictionary)
Even after reading that I STILL don’t understand what it means! Someone please explain to me? XD
But anyhoo other than that I have pretty much relaxed all day after such a hectic week and a busy Friday with my friends. Already planned another pub and town visit next week too and I can’t wait! Oh and I did a 15 minute work out earlier, IT WAS HELL! My stomach was killing me towards the end like cramp and it was so painful I had to stop but after a few minutes relaxing I finished the work out and felt good for doing so. I’ll have a flat, toned tummy by 2013!
I remembered earlier that I haven’t yet written a post about my New Years resolution’s and I really need to. I might do that after this post as while I have come up with some I haven’t really fulfilled them as they’re not that significant this year. I did everything the past 2 years which were to pass my driving test and to graduate from university.
For the rest of the day and currently I cooked my mom and me our dinner, which she really enjoyed and we’ve been relaxing in front of the TV watching random programs.
Yeah I might wander off now and write that post as I really don’t have much to write about today.

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