A hilarious and random day!

First of all I want to apologise for not having posted anything yesterday (13th January) I was out pretty much all day but I’m writing about it for you now, so I hope it makes up for it!

My best friend and I had agreed to be in our friends film for her university work as some extras so we arranged a time to meet up and a time to meet our friend to walk to her place.

We met up pretty much on time, (I was running a few minutes late) and went to get a drink and have chit-chat before we headed to meet our friend to go to hers. As you know my birthday was last week and she hadn’t given me my present that day due to having to carry it around all day, even though I wouldn’t have minded but she gave it me yesterday and it was so worth the wait!

Sooty was a huge part of my life since I was born and being my oldest and best friend she knows this fully well. SO she bought me a Sooty puppet and he is so lovely and is sat by me as I type this post. As well as that she bought me a cute Boofle card which is now on my dressing table and also a Yankee Candle which is vanilla cupcake, one of my favourite flavours! It’s one of the jars with the metal lid and has a Happy Birthday! label on it too, I don’t have the heart to burn it so I’ll just smell it whenever I fancy it. 😛

After a while we went to meet our friend and were greeted by her and other friends of ours and when everyone was there and ready, we made our way to her flat. We made a slight detour on the way to get cheap junk food to drink and snack on and meet more people and finally we were in her flat and into the warm as it was beginning to get chilly outside.

Me and my best friend had planned on going for Chinese and maybe a few drinks after we’d finished filming and our friend asked us if we had anything planned and from this we organised a huge outing to eat Chinese buffet! BUT FIRST we had to do the filming, which seemed to take forever due to getting everything set up, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to do!

We had sheesha too while we waited and my best friend and I had never tried it before but it was hella yummy! I know I really want to buy my own now to be all sophisticated and smoke yummy flavours on summer evenings and winter afternoons. I’m going to have a look for one on Wednesday when I see them both again!

Anyhoo we made a lovely discover of a condom in the fire detector too which made us all laugh and take pictures, which we later discovered was put there to stop the fire detector going off when people were doing sheesha.

After all the filming was complete we got ourselves ready and went off to stuff our faces with Chinese. It was yummy and we were about to pop but we stopped ourselves from popping and decided instead of going out for drinks that we would buy some cheap cider and beer and head to our friends again to go on Omegle and Chatroulette.

None of us had really gone on before and we couldn’t wait (in a strange way) to try it. Dicks were flying EVERYWHERE with the odd pair of boobs showing up. We had interesting and lovely conversations with 3 guys too but when we had funny conversations it was just hilariously funny! We came across douchebag teenagers to horny old men and all of them were funny.

We must have been on Omegle and Chatroulette for about 6 hours before my best friend and I decided to call it a night go home to sleep after some yummy green tea, made by our friend.

The fun didn’t stop there though! I came home to my Mom and as I tried to sleep she kept making me laugh when she would come up the stairs and joke around. I literally giggled myself to sleep, what a great way to snooze eh?

Overall and amazing and hilarious day and I can’t wait to have more like this in 2012!


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