First of many cakes I’ll be baking

I love baking. It was something my Mom got me into from a young age and as I got older we just stopped baking together and it made me really sad. Then one evening in 2011 I decided to start again, with or without her, although it was with at first.

We made a delicious Victoria Sponge and some scones (which were more like rusks!) and it was delicious and throughly enjoyed making them with her. When I say with her, she just stood and advised when need be.

From there on I made more things from crumbles, to cookies, cupcakes and my now signature chocolate cake.

Today I was supposed to meet up with one of my friends but it’s been postponed and instead I went shopping instead. I ended up buying 2 cheap cooking books from Wilkinson’s. One about making various cupcakes and one about baking with 100 recipes inside. I had a browse through the shop and saw LOADS of cakes I just had to bake so bought them straight away.

Before going home I took a detour to buy whatever ingredients I needed and finally came home for a night of cooking and baking.

I made toad in the hole (something I make and everyone always enjoys) and after flicking through the book the first recipe took my eye, coffee & walnut cake.

To be honest I’d never made a cake from scratch on my own before and I was rather nervous. What if it didn’t turn out right? What if it was lousy? I couldn’t have a horrible cake, I had to make sure it was perfect and yummy and something everyone would enjoy!

After getting the hang of it the cake mix was finished, poured into the tins and put in the oven for 25 minutes while I got on with the frosting. The frosting (to me) tastes like heaven with its heavy coffee notes and light notes of vanilla in there too. I love anything with coffee in it!

The cake has now been completed for all of an hour and is sat downstairs on a pretty plate covered in frosting and walnuts and here’s a picture of it for you:

I’ll have to let you know what it’s like tomorrow as I’m off to grab myself a piece now! Sorry for such a short post today, I didn’t do much to be honest. 😛


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