First of all apologies for not posting a post yesterday, there just wasn’t much to write about and I doubt anyone wanted to know about me playing games on my PS3 and feeling sorry for myself eh? No I didn’t think so. 😛

Anyhoo I went out with two of my friends today to have a look around the shops, lunch and the cinema to watch Shame which stars Michael Fassbender.

My best friend and I tried sheesha on Friday when we were out (think I mentioned) and I decided that I wanted one myself eventually and on the way to a gemstone shop (Zen) we stumbled across some small ones for £5 so I decided to get one. It’s red and has some dice on it as a pattern. As well as this I bought some bubblegum flavouring too, which smells amazing!

We went for some yummy chicken afterwards and after some more mooching around the shops we were off to the cinema!

BUT we had to stop and go into Cybercandy to get some yummy treats! I bought blue raspberry Now and Laters, blue raspberry Laffy Taffy, blue raspberry Airheads, bubblegum Pop Rocks and some Bubblelicious bubblegum. All of these are so yummy and I might get more Laffy Taffy’s tomorrow when I’m in town again.

FINALLY we were on our way to cinema with a quick trip to Sainsbury’s to get some Fanta and chocolate dessert for in the cinema. We got there when the adverts were starting and managed to find a good seat.

I knew that the film was about a sex addict but I didn’t imagine it would be so graphic! Even after finding out it was an 18 I still didn’t think it would be so graphic. Some cringey moments and my best friend kept covering her face bless her. 😛 She’s not so innocent, I know her secrets. 😛

Other than that I REALLY enjoyed the film, definatly something I would watch again on my own so I wouldn’t be so embarrassed! I could NEVER go and watch that film with my parents, family members or even a guy so seeing it with two of my friends was just as embarrassing but it was hilarious all the same.

I strongly recommend going to watch it if you’re curious as to how graphic it is, I’d give it away but I don’t think that is at all fair.

Michael Fassbender seems to be going up in Hollywood a lot since Inglorious Bastards and I’m glad he is as he’s a really good actor and the rumours are true, you see his penis in this film. 😛

Other than that I also bought a couple of Yankee Candle wax tarts as they were half price and I LOVE the wax tarts, they last for ages! Got Spiced Orange and Macintosh Apple so can’t wait to try those out soon!

Not much else to say really, about to go watch Talhotblond on Channel 4 and relax for the evening! AND I bought The Inbetweeners Movie on Monday and even though I went to watch it twice when it came out in the cinema, I haven’t watched my DVD version yet. Must do tonight!


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