Don’t worry, I’m still here! With good news!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since Wednesday but I’ve been a mixture of too tired and busy to write or that nothing eventful happened. So I thought I’d wait until something eventful happened for me to write something.

So let’s get to how my week has been since Wednesday!

On Thursday one of my friends came over for the day instead of us going to town and we played PS3 games, listened to music and watched YouTube videos and a film. Was a chilled day but ended in me feeling a little miserable and a few tears, but I was alright eventually and watched some YouTube videos to cheer myself up.

Friday was a very last-minute plan thing as me, my best friend and our closest friends went out on the night to get drunk and partay! Was a great night but to be honest it’s left me a little wary of drinking as much for a while so I’m not going to drink too for a while. I nearly lost my phone and that really upset me, still left me rather shaken up but I know I’ll be okay. I was pretty lucky! I’m just trying to forget the crap that happened and think of the good!

Was pretty hung over Saturday and spent most of the day texting people and listening to Radio Bam. So nothing much to tell you there!

BUT forget that I have some good news, various little bits of good news.

I’m trying for Company Casting Call this year and will be making a post about it tomorrow with more detail but my best friend encouraged me to do it and Friday night we took some pictures of it for the competition. Watch this space for more news about it!

More news, Lostprophets posted this on their Facebook on Friday night…

Some homework for this weekend… anyone who downloaded ‘Better Off Dead’ is on our mailing list. Those people will be getting special news on Monday.

Fuck yes! I really can’t wait to find out tomorrow what it could be, I have a feeling it’s to do with a UK tour… I’ll squeal tomorrow if that’s what it is! Keep my money saved up for my ticket… Or tickets. 😛

But yes that is all I shall be updating you on for now until Monday as I have a busy day. BUT shortly I’ll have some fashion related posts so keep your eyes peeled!

Once again, apologies about being quiet for a couple of days it’s just because I either don’t have much to write or I’m not feeling up to it.


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