Spring/summer 2012!

If you don’t get what that title means it is fashion related.

Thanks to being on Look Magazine’s mailing list they email me at least once every couple of days about new fashion related news and a lot of their emails lately have been to do with S/S 12 and I’m here to show you what I think looks amazing and who’s going to be selling them to us.


I’m not a huge fan of their clothes over half of the time due to how badly they fit, look cheap and the shop is full of morons who don’t have any fucking manners.

BUT their clothes for S/S 12 look amazing!

  • Patterned Collar Dress.

  • Blouse, belted trousers, bag and heels. Not a fan of the trousers, bag or heels but I LOVE that shirt!

Miss Selfridge.

I don’t mind this shop and from what I can see Topshop and Miss Selfridge are owned by the same people. I think the only problem I DO have with them is they stock size 4. This is appalling I feel as no woman should be this size. Isn’t it pretty much a size 0?! But guess there is nothing we can do.

  • Super-cute bird jumper.

  • White shirt with black collar. I love the collar on this shirt with the little silver studs on! 😀

Haven’t really seen much else, but I’m sure I will update you gals and guys as soon as I do!


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