Things I want!

As I said I would be doing these every fortnight and here’s things I want number 2!

It’s mostly clothes at the moment due to spotting some beautiful ones. šŸ˜›

  • Red Herring tan cat print jersey dress. Saw this last night when mooching around the Debehnams website and stumbled across this. It’s so gorgeous and I’m definitely getting my hands on it next week (fingers crossed for Thursday!). PLUS I know it says that it’s for the blazer but it is that dress I want. I’d probably team it with a cute jacket/coat and I’m definitely going to get the red belt for it too if I can as it doesn’t come with the dress.

  • Lostprophets Betrayed hoodie. Even though I love fashion I still wear hoodies, skinny fits, Vans etc pretty much alternative/rocker clothing because I’m comfortable in it and it’s what I like! I love Lostprophets as you readers know and the hoodie is in the sale so as soon as I have spare cash I’m investing in another Lostprophets hoodie and this one would/will be my fourth.

  • Americana denim shorts. I already have a pair of denim shorts with an American flag pattern on and they’re AWESOME! Fashionable, comfortable and great for summer which will be with us before we know it. Might try to get these on Thursday too! Or at least try to find them to try on!

  • And last of all this yellow panda printed sweater. It looks so comfortable and a definite thing to wear with shorts or a pair of skinny fit jeans! Didn’t see this when I went to the shops Monday so I’ll keep my eye out for it again on Thursday!

There are MORE things I have set my eyes on but it’s coming up in a post in a bit so keep your eyes peeled for more lovely clothes… Especially clothes for S/S 12. šŸ˜‰


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