Some AMAZING news!

This morning Lostprophets sent out a video via their Facebook and an email to their fans about their 2012 tour for Weapons and I can’t WAIT to get my ticket Wednesday/Friday!

Here’s the video for anyone who is interested in seeing it, was the first thing I looked at/watched this morning when I woke up.

I waited so patiently for a Birmingham date, worried I wouldn’t see one but as soon as I did I squealed like a little girl. Oh my God I can’t wait to get my ticket ordered and then it’s that little bit more real that I’ll be seeing them again, my seventh time infact!

I am contemplating going to the Nottingham or Cardiff shows too… Maybe even London but I’m not sure due to money and travel. I shall see what I can do!

I can also see me going to the gig on my own, which  is a shame but I did it for Evanescence when they came and played in Birmingham in November 2011 and I enjoyed myself! For me it seemed easier being on my own due to the fact I LOVE being against the barrier at gigs, especially Lostprophets ones and I know a lot of people don’t like that. I literally shove my way down to the front (without hurting anyone at the same time) and as well as this I also like waiting behind after the show for as long as possible to meet the band. Which I’ve done a lot over the past 6 years of seeing Lostprophets live.

So yes that is amazing news… To me anyway! I have some more news coming up, but I won’t tell you guys until later as for now I’m off to make a victoria sponge cake! 😛


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