One of those days

You know when you just don’t want to do anything all day for various reasons (don’t feel well, feel like shit etc)? Yeah that was me today, due to mostly not feeling up to much as I wasn’t feeling very well but a little mixture of feeling like crap was around too BUT that lasted all of 30 minutes. I think that was down to feeling lonely.

Woke up about 11.45am as I didn’t get to sleep until about 4am due to how hot it was upstairs and my throat hurting. I’m pretty sure I posted about being ill the beginning of 2012 and last night and majority of the day my sort throat/cough slowly creeping back but it’s eased a little now and hopefully won’t be around by the time I go to sleep!

I didn’t do anything interesting today, just watched shows on BBC iPlayer, Tweeted with  people and posted stuff on my Tumblr. Nothing special at all!

As well as this though my Mom was lovely enough to bring me home some new trousers and t-shirts as according to her I don’t have enough trousers and I always seem to be wearing the same stuff all the time. So it was LOVELY of her to get me that stuff. ^_^

All of them were bought from Select and I’ll show you the three pairs of trousers out of five that I’ve kept and the one t-shirt out of two I kept too.

  • Black Pleated Chino Trousers and Camel Belted Chino Trousers. My Mom knows how much I have fallen in love with chinos since I bought my stone/dark stone ones from Select. They’re so comfortable and can be worn with flats OR boots. I prefer to wear them with my black boots and a nice cream jumper or black t-shirt.

  • Carousel Printed Shell Top. This is GORGEOUS! Not something I would pick myself but I’m glad my Mom picked it up for me as it’s so pretty and fits into the candy, nude colours that are coming in for Spring/Summer 2012. Fits really well and the size she picked up for me has lifted my blues today. As well as the cute print on the front the back has buttons running down it which are clear with pale blue dots. So cute!

Sadly I couldn’t find a picture of the light denim skinny fit jeans she got me too. They have a little but of fading and light rips/tears on the front too. For skinny fits these are stretch and feel amazing on! I can’t wait to wear them Saturday when I go and visit some friends.

Other than this nothing else happened today but I’m having an early night due to wanting to get my hands on my Lostprophets gig ticket in the morning AND possibly something else, but I’ll let you know tomorrow if I get it. 😉


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