23rd April here I come!

I got my Lostprophets ticket this morning! I woke up early at 8.30am and I actually forgot why I was getting up so early! Then I remembered and turned my laptop on, making sure to load the page to buy my ticket on. As well as buying a ticket I was wanting to get my hands on a signed copy of Weapons too.

30 minutes passed me by and before I knew it I had ordered my ticket and my album and was squealing with excitement about the gig and the album. I seriously can’t wait, been craving a Lostprophets gig for over a year! Last time I saw them was May 2010 so you can understand why. This will be my seventh time seeing them live and poor little me is seeing them on her own… Don’t really care though. XD

Anyhoo in other news I tried out a new shampoo my Mom ordered me from QVC. It’s Phillip Kingsley’s Body Building Shampoo, which is the yellow bottle in the picture. That’s the set she ordered and I haven’t yet tried the conditioner but I have tried the brush.

Apologies for the image being so small! I’ll be writing a review on these in the future, I want to use them a couple mores times but from using the shampoo today for the first time, it’s going to be a positive review!

I wasn’t intending to go out today as I was tired from waking up early and I needed to clean (I do it every fortnight on a Tuesday/Wednesday) but my Mom convinced me to go out with her to return the two items from Select yesterday that weren’t any good so I got ready and we were on our way.

I ended up getting a credit note for Select which I’m hopefully going to use when I go to town at some point this week and I also bought a lip gloss and bless my Mom she got me 2 nail polishes.

The lip gloss I bought is by Rimmel London and is the Vinyl Max Lip Gloss and I got it in the shade 301 Addictive which is a gorgeous hot pink with pink and red shimmer/glitter running throughout it. The brush on this lip gloss is HUGE, definitely the biggest I have ever seen (that’s what she said!) but that said it applies really well and as it says on the tube, “one stroke”.

The nail polishes my Mom got me are GORGEOUS and I have them on right now as I not long ago painted my nails. One is by China Glaze in shade 634 Frostbite and the other is by Nina Ultra Pro in shade 709160 Opal Elegance.

Frostbite is a gorgeous dark blue when caught in the light shimmers to show lighter blue undertones. Definitely a colour I had to have, as I love blues like this and I have an eyeliner just like it. XD

Now for Nina Ultra Pro nail polish I think these are only available in Sally’s Beauty which is where we bought both of these polishes from. Looks like you can  order online too and sadly the one I bought isn’t there so my description and pictures will have to do! The polish is clear with iridescent glitter running throughout. It isn’t the thickest glitter polish I’ve ever bought but at the same time I prefer it that way as it means it’s not gloopy and hard to apply. It means you can have as much  or as little glitter as you want. I applied two coats of it on top of Frostbite and it looks elegant and pretty!

And here are some pictures of the three things I bought and how my nails look. For my phone camera, not bad pictures!



But other than that, that was my day! Tomorrow won’t be nothing special but I have found a beauty tag on YouTube that I might just turn into a blog post to add-on here instead. But for now I’m off to relax and admire my new nails! 🙂


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