When summer comes, so do the shades!

Due to the summer coming up I really want a pair of sunglasses, which isn’t as easy as it seems due to the fact I need to wear glasses. I’m pretty much blind without my glasses, especially when I’m not in the house so if I want my glasses for driving, wearing whilst out and about with friends OR on my own I’ll need a prescription pair.

I’ve bought a pair of prescription sunglasses before and I LOVED them but I’ve pretty much grown out of them now and the size of the lenses don’t look right on my face at all and even if they were the perfect frames for me right now I would need to fork out £60 for my lenses anyway!

SO due to my glasses being Ray Bans I thought I would have a look at some Ray Ban sunglasses to match and it was SUCH a bad idea as now I really want a pair of wayfarers.

These are my glasses just so you can see what type of frames I have. They’re geek chic and I LOVE them!

And this is the pair I have my eyes on!

But for over £100 I can’t really afford them, which makes me pretty sad.

On Wednesday when I went shopping with my Mom she popped into Specsavers to buy herself some new sunglasses and I eyed a pair of sunglasses up in there, not Ray Bans but when I tried them on they looked pretty cool!

These are by Animal as you can probably see and can of course have prescription lenses put in them, but for £125 I still can’t afford them!

So yes this is a spot I shall keep you up to date on, hopefully have some form of news soon!


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