Some pictures I love at the moment and why

I just love going through my Tumblr on relaxing days and while I try to doze off late evening/early hours and like pictures. These are just some I have discovered and wanted to share with you!

This picture is of course of Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, who sadly passed away last year. They were best friends and this picture just reminds me of the type of pictures me and my best friend take. We’ve probably been best friends just as long as Bam and Ryan were and just by looking at this picture it makes me treasure how much she means to me, she’s like a sister. 🙂

I LOVE foxes! They’re so adorable and whenever I see something fox related I can’t help but look at it in awe.

Since Inglorious Basterds I have slowly fallen in love with Michael Fassbender and this gif just finally completed the process. His smile is gorgeous and one of the best I have ever seen and as an interview in February’s copy of Company with him states, “So wide and delighted that it threatens to split his face in two.” is spot on.

Can’t get enough of Darth Vader, especially when it comes to gifs from the Disney World (or Land) advert.

This picture is just full of things I love! Wavy/curly hair, peter pan collar and a gorgeous hot pink lipstick/lip gloss. Wish my pictures could look this good!

No words for this picture, it’s just beautiful, cute and wants me to get a puppy again.

Amy Lee, she’s one of my inspirations so I’ll always love her, she looks amazing in this picture with her Malice dress on!

And that’s all for now! I shall be posting another one of these VERY soon. 😛


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