An apology

I’m sorry I haven’t posted on here since 31st January but I do have my reasons… Don’t look at me like that, I DO!

Basically it’s a mixture of busy, stressed and ill. Yes I’m really ill again and it fucking sucks. Excuse my language.

I have LOADS of pictures taken to start posting blogs about and I need to put them on my laptop in a sec but right now I just don’t have the mental patience to do anything right now other than sleep, eat and watch TV… Oh and text gorgeous people (which is pretty much all my friends).

Without giving you my life story this past year, I get to stages where I get really busy with friends etc and then it all dies down and I feel lonely and if that doesn’t happen something does where I get really stressed and then I seem to get ill after this. Which has happened again this past week.

“So Nat why aren’t you blogging if you’re ill?!” I hear you cry! Well basically my head has been super fuzzed when I’ve been ill and I feel like I’m really drunk or high and I don’t wish to write a pile of shit for your guys when I can write better than that. I’m feeling okay right now so I’ll probably get something down in the next couple of hours. Might do 3 posts to make up for how I’ve been lacking behind.

I know some who read this will think/say, “Aww don’t worry Nat your health comes first!” and I thank you, but in the real world these days health doesn’t matter and with how I’ve been ill on and off since September this is like a permanent fixture to me right now.

So please if I go quiet please understand that it’s because I’m not doing good or I’m not well. I won’t be forgetting about my blog as I enjoy writing on it too much to leave stranded and deserted. Just please know that I’m just not too great and I’ll soon update it when I feel great.

I’m sure you’ll understand and thank you. 🙂

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