Getting ready for summer

In a previous post I mentioned how I was on the hunt for some sunglasses for summer and how I was desperate to get a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses (being the awesome rocker I am!) and last Thursday I ordered some! YAY!

They’re not the blue and black pair I wanted, but who cares I have a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses on order and that is better than nothing. Here’s what they look like.

Of course they are the Wayfarer sunglasses but I didn’t get the original, I ordered the newer ones which I’ve heard are different to the originals in slight ways. Here’s some examples of the differences between the two (for anyone who was as curious as I was).


  • The lenses are fairly large and tilt back towards your face slightly.
  • Also from what I can see they also have a more square shape too.


  • Now as much of a tilt on these as the original and lenses are a little smaller.
  • The new ones seem to have a smoother frame around the lenses.

But who cares about the difference, I’ve got a pair of Wayfarers after wanting them for about three years! YAY! But there is one flaw… I have a 4 week wait for them… BUT it will be worth it and until then I can keep telling you guys how I can’t wait for them to arrive. 😛

BUT (another one :P) after I get them I need to take them straight to my optician to get my lenses put into them, otherwise I’ll be blind whenever I wear them and that isn’t a good idea if I’m driving now is it? 😛 So I’ll probably be waiting 5 weeks until I get them to wear around and become all awesome and stuff.

Oh well, it will be worth the wait. 😛

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