Perfume collection

I LOVE perfume! They smell amazing, majority of bottles look pretty and they’re just full of levels of awesome!

So why not post what ones I currently own eh? I have nine perfumes at the moment (damn odd number!) and I love them all.

From left to right they are as follows:

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Gucci Envy Me, Paul Smith Rose, DKNY Red Delicious, Gucci by Gucci, Nina by Nina Ricci, Avril Lavigne Black Star, Paris Hilton Heiress and Diesel Loverdose.

This is going to be a long post as I’m going to shortly talk about each of these about their smells, what occasions they’re good for and if I would buy them again. So get ready for lots of yummy perfume talking!

Midnight Fantasy is an eau de parfum and is apparently a limited edition perfume but to be honest I bought my bottle back in 2009 and it’s still on the shelves now in its hundreds. HOWEVER if that is the case that it is limited edition I may have to stock up soon as it’s gorgeous. I love sweet smells, especially when they are citrus too and this has a subtle hint of that.

Heart notes: Night Orchid, Freesia, Iris. Top notes: Framboise, Black Cherry, Plum. Base notes: Amber, Musk, Vanilla.

Sniffing this right now I’m going to describe to you what I smell, even if it isn’t in the notes list above.

The first thing that I instantly thought this smelt like when I smelt it in the shops was blueberries or some hint of berry, which is odd as there aren’t any berries in this at all! I can definitely smell vanilla, which I think gives it that musky smell. It’s sweet but not overpowering, which is great as it means that a more mature woman can wear it without smelling young at the same time. As well as smelling amazing from wearing this in the past it last AGES like Fantasy.

I love this perfume, very original scent. However, if you love Fantasy by Britney Spears you will not like this as it’s a totally different smell. I like both though, this one more.

Loverdose is another eau de parfum and in my top 5 of favourite perfumes, yet it only came out in 2011! One of my friends received this for her 22nd last year and showed me what it smelt like. I really loved the smell but didn’t think of purchasing it. One day shopping with my Mom for Christmas presents we noticed it was on offer in Superdrug and I showed her what it smelt like, she loved it, I loved it and for Christmas she bought me a bottle. Soon as the bottle shows it’s about to run dry, I’m buying me a new bottle as I just love it so much now.

Heart notes: Liquorice, Vanilla. Top notes: Mandarin, Star Anise. Base notes: Dry Woods.

Smelling this is like a dream, it’s just the perfect scent for me, mmm! The girl who served my Mom and I in Superdrug when we bought this described the smell like Sambuca… She is very VERY wrong. It is exactly as the heart notes intended it to be which is liquorice. I’m not a fan of liquorice and the smell I can tolerate but don’t worry if you can’t stand the smell at all as while it smells like the black stuff it is a very sweet smell, which I think is thanks to the vanilla. This is a perfect scent for nights out, which is where I always tend to use it.

As I said, in my top 5 can’t fault it and Diesel NEVER disappoint with their perfumes, even the mens ones! As well as smelling good, it’s in an adorable heart-shaped bottle which as the picture shows, rests on its side.

Envy Me is an eau de toilette and is probably number 1 in my top 5. I can’t wait to talk about this bad boy! I discovered it when I was 15 while on holiday and I knew I would be coming home with a bottle. I used it for weeks and weeks and soon I was running low but couldn’t afford another bottle cheap enough. SO I just saved it up to use on special occasions (birthday’s etc) and as soon as I buy a new bottle this one will be soon finished!

Heart notes: Pink Musk, Seringa, White tea. Top notes: Peony, Jasmine, Pink Peppers, Litchi, Pomegranate, Pineapple. Base notes: Sandalwood, Teakwood, Sensual musk.

Oh I can’t wait to describe the smell of this to you, even though that might be hard as I’ve never smelt anything like this! When I look at the notes I can definitely smell pineapple and sensual musk. Where most perfumes (to me anyway) smell artificial this smells natural and reminds  me of something you would smell at the beach (not a shitty English one either!). It has a light floral, musk smell and I think that is why it is good that it’s a toilette and not parfum otherwise it would be overpowering.

I pretty much love ALL of Gucci’s perfumes as they’re all unique smelling and mature which I like. This perfume reminds me of my second home abroad which is why I love it so much. It’s a relaxing, musky floral scent and I love it. As well as loving the smell, the memories it holds from when I bought it in 2005 it also has a gorgeous bottle that would look great in any bag! Proud to own a bottle of this, can’t wait to purchase a new one!

Heiress is an eau de parfum spray and this beastly 100ml bottle only cost me £10. TEN  POUNDS! While that was a bargain for something I hadn’t smelt until that day, I wouldn’t mind paying more as this is really good! This is the second perfume by Paris Hilton that I’ve smelt, the first one being Paris Hilton which is gorgeous too but I used my two bottles of it up. As well as this being a perfume I love, it’s one of my cousins favourite perfumes, can see why too!

Heart notes: Star Jasmine, Tiare Flower, Ylang-Ylang, Honeysuckle, Dewberry Blossom, Grenadine. Top notes: Passion Fruit, Orange, Peach Granita, Champagne Mimosa. Base notes: Violet Leaf, Vetiver, Tonka, Blonde Woods.

First thing to say about this is it is a very, VERY sweet perfume so if you hate that you won’t like this at all! It’s actually like you have walked into a sweet shop but I love stuff like that! When you smell it and look at the notes you can smell them all. Honeysuckle is the strongest note I can smell with hints of orange and peach granita. It reminds me a little of a sweeter version of oranges and lemons. I used to have this in my Travelo until I swapped it for Rose by Paul Smith (which I’m talking about next) and it was great for nights out due to it lasting AGES!

Rose is an eau de parfum and reminds me of my best friend as at one point whenever we went out and I gave her a hug, I smelt this straight away! I showed my Mom the smell on a sampler as I had kept telling her about how the smell reminded me of my best friend and she fell in love with it and bought herself a 100ml bottle. After discovering another perfume which she preferred more she donated Rose to me and I’ve been using it since.

Heart notes: Turkish Rose, Magnolia. Top notes: Rose, Green Tea, Violet. Base notes: Cedar, Musk.

As the perfume name gives away this is a floral perfume with a hint of musk. I can straight away smell magnolia and rose which is about right really. It’s a very strong perfume but when it’s on the skin it calms down and lasts AGES! I just can’t help but think of my best friend every time I smell and wear this, which is lovely. If you want a grown up, floral perfume then this is perfect for you! BUT I would say this is for a more mature woman due to its grown up scent. Another cute thing about this is it comes in a cute floral pouch, which I’m sad I didn’t take a picture of it with!

Black Star is an eau de parfum and Avril Lavigne’s first perfume. As soon as I heard she had brought this out I just HAD to smell it! I used to love her music when I was younger and I had faith in her that it would smell amazing, which it does! Not only does it smell nice but the bottle is cute too with a spiked ring that you can take off and wear! Not that I have mind, it looks better on the bottle.

Sadly I couldn’t find a full list of notes but I did find this list. The perfume contains notes of pink hibiscus, black plum and dark chocolate.

The notes above explain exactly what this smells like, it’s a very warm perfume which I only really like using during winter as I feel all cosey and warm when I smell it. Wouldn’t personally say that this is musky, more of a floral smell with a few sweet notes. Lovely smell and I think if you’re an Avril Lavigne fan and haven’t smelt this yet GET TO IT because you’re going to love it!

Red Delicious is another apple-shaped bottle perfume by DKNY and this one is an eau de parfum. I remember being a fresher and needing a new perfume as I didn’t have many (back then mwahaha!) and after smelling this one I fell in love with it. The woman who served me told me that it was a limited edition though, however I have seen this being sold in shops and I got told that in 2008. So yeah, God knows! Due to also thinking that this was limited edition, I refused to use anymore after I got halfway through it until I could afford another bottle.

Heart notes: Champagne Accord, Lychee, Red Raspberry, Apple, Rose, Vanilla Bean, Patchouli, Amber, Sensual Skin Accord, Raspberry.

As well as this version of Delicious I’ve also tried Be Delicious in the cool pop-art limited edition version bottle. I liked it, but not as much as Red Delicious. Reason being because Red Delicious has a gorgeous crisp scent which is fresh and citrus smelling. Unless Be Delicious this ACTUALLY smells like fresh apples which I LOVE the smell of. It’s the perfect scent for anyone of any age and personally I’d advice you buy this one out of all the Delicious perfumes.

Nina is an eau de toilette and my newest perfume in my collection. My brother bought me this in a gift set with some lotion for Christmas, which was such a lovely gift to get as I’ve wanted this perfume since it came out in 2006. I don’t have my toilettes (as you have seen) so it’s a nice change too!

Heart notes: Red Toffee Apple, Praline, Vanilla. Top notes: Lemon, Lime. Base notes: Wood Accord, White Cedar, Cotton Musk.

I remember my Mom buying this for my cousin one Christmas and her telling me it didn’t smell like apples, even though it is in an apple-shaped bottle. She was wrong, this smells like a more grown up version of Red Delicious but with more notes to it. You can smell the lemon, lime straight away with red toffee apple and vanilla creeping through. This is a fresh scent with parts of citrus and floral. I love this and it’s amazing to wear during the day and it’ll be great during summer!

Apologies for a not so clear picture but this is Gucci and it’s an eau de parfum. As I said before I LOVE Gucci perfumes, probably my favourites to be honest and this is another one to add to my top 5. This was once again another of my Mom’s purchases. She smelt it in the shop, liked it but when she got home hated it but didn’t want to return it to the shop (don’t ask why!) so after I smelt it and said I liked it, she gave it to me. WIN!

Heart notes: Tiare. Top notes: Pear, Guava. Base notes: Honey, Patchouli, Musk.

I really cannot describe this smell apart from musk, musk, MUSK. But also with patches of floral too. It’s a very heavy, strong scent and is the kind of thing a businesswoman would wear, why I only wear this on nights out. I can kind of smell the honey in this but as for the other notes, I don’t know as I can’t remember what they smell like! This perfume is amazing and reminds me of the Christmas party I went to in 2010. Good memories!

To finish off this post I’m going to list my top 5!

5. Thierry Mugler Alien.

4. Gucci by Gucci.

3. Diesel Loverdose.

2. Thierry Mugler Angel.

1. Gucci Envy Me.

But now this post is officially OVER! Sorry it was so long but it had to be done. 😛 If you have any questions about ANY of the perfumes mentioned, feel free to leave a comment!

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