Things I want

I realised earlier this week that I missed last Sunday’s Things I Want but I have my reasons… Being ill made me forget. I had terrible flu on Sunday anyway so getting this post done wouldn’t have been possibly anyway.

HOWEVER we must carry on and get things done and the Things I Want posts are now back on track (sort of). Also this post will have sort of alternative dress in it this week as I haven’t really seen much I want other than band related things and accessories.

  • Leather/fake leather biker jacket. I’ve been after one for a good two years now but I still haven’t found the perfect one. I don’t really want a leather one if I can help it as I want to add studs to the collar and that would be a silly thing to do to a realy one I think.

  • American Flag shirt. These are ALL OVER Tumblr paired up with denim shorts and I think they look really nice for the summer. Soon as I get the spare cash, I’m getting me one!

  • Evanescence t-shirt. I’ve been rather addicted to eBay the past three months and I keep looking for clothes and random  pieces on there that look cheaper than they are in the shops. I always pop them straight into my watch list so I don’t forget about ordering them when I get the money but half the time I don’t get the money and I never order.

That’s all I’ve seen to be honest with you as I haven’t really had my eye on much. Although I have seen a few Iron Fist pieces that I’d like but I’m doing a seperate post for that.

If you have any questions on any of the products mentioned please leave them for me.

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