Well I’ve been absent for about… 3 weeks but that’s because I have been a mixture of ill and very busy.

Last Monday I started my photography course, which I’ve just finished my second week of. Three more weeks to go! I’m loving the course and although I loved how photographs were shot and such before, I appreciate and understand them more now after learning about how it all works. As well as this I have finally ordered the digital SLR that my Mom offered to buy me as a graduation present. So happy and excited for its arrival in April.

Another bonus with it is I was rather nervous I wouldn’t get on with ANYONE on the course, assuming that they would all be older than me. However I have befriended a girl who is four years younger than me and also the youngest in class, me being second. She’s lovely, bubbly and great to have a laugh with and I’ll be keeping in contact with her after we’ve finished the course.

We got our assignment today which is pretty much go away take pictures and write about it etc. I’ve made it sound really easy but it’s a little  more complicated than that and to make matters worse, we need to get this done in a week! I’ve planned what theme I am going to do and what days I’m going to take my pictures. I’m going to do still life and natural photography, which to you guys means I’ll be taking pictures of cupcakes, crumpets, pancakes and animals at the Nature Centre. I seriously can’t wait! As well as seeing cute animals with my best friend (who I’ve asked to come with me for company and a day out), I’ll be taking pictures of them too!

I don’t have college tomorrow and although I am going out in the evening with my friends clubbing, I intend to get as much work done for this in the daytime as I possibly can! As well as possibly picking up my new sunglasses… Yep they’re almost finished! My wayfarers arrived last week and on Tuesday I took them to my opticians to have the prescription lenses put in them. Can’t wait to get them!

But here is where I end this post to write-up some more for you guys. I apologise again for not being around for nearly a month, as I said I’ve just been busy and really quite poorly. OH and I went on a week drinking binge too, but that’s another story. 😛

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