A film review for Fish Tank

I recently wrote a film review for an eZine I am a joint editor of and also writer on. Hope you like, thought I’d share!

Fish Tank is a British drama which came out in 2009, starring the rising actor Michael Fassbender as well as Katie Jarvis and Kierston Wareing.The film is about Mia, a fifteen year old girl who lives with her mother and sister Tyler on an Essex estate. She spends her days doing what she loves, dancing due to being kicked out of school, although is to be sent to a referrals unit. After her mother starts dating Irish man Connor, Mia and him begin an uneasy friendship. However, he encourages her to pursue in her passion for dancing. What will happen to Mia and her dreams?

I watched this film the beginning of February after deciding I wanted to watch more of Michael Fassbender’s films and plus being a huge fan of British Cinema. It did not disappoint and due to the film’s title, you don’t know what to expect unless you watch the trailer or read a review (so hopefully this helps! XD)

The film is powerful, real and shows what the youth of today can go through. The message behind the film shows that even when things are tough, life goes on and you have to do what makes you feel good to be happy. In this case Mia, the lead of the film has a passion for dancing, but would not have done anything about it if it wasn’t for Connor encouraging her to. As well as this the film also shows how tough young love can be and how as we get older we learn more about the world around us.

If you’re a fan of British Cinema or British Drama I advice you to give this film a go and I especially advice you to if you like Michael Fassbender like I do. Everyone who watches this film will understand one of the hidden messages lurking in there.


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