Never Take It Off

Not sure how to jump into this post apart from quickly saying, how much I LOVE the company I am going to be talking about.

The NTIO brand is a stand alone and not affiliated with any exclusive band, person, artist or cause but provides a way to easily support or promote all Artists, Bands, Causes, and Designers and Events by providing a simple artistic and meaningful way to promote those brands. The NTIO Vow Bracelets were created to support Artists, Bands, Causes, Designers and Events with a message of hope, humor, help and happiness ❤ for every wearer and the artists who created them.

I discovered NTIO through Automatic Loveletter/Juliet Simms, a band/artist from America (go look them up!) and they make these gorgeous bracelets where when you put them on you make yourself a vow and you have to stick to it and never take the bracelet off. I’d heard about this idea and brand from Automatic Loveletter’s Facebook like page for ages but every time I had intended to go on their website and look at their bracelets I’d never got around to it, until a week ago.

I looked through all the gorgeous designs and found the one I wanted straight away, this one:

And as soon as I got spare cash I ordered it straight away and now I can’t wait for it to arrive to say my vow and tie it on for good… Or at least until I HAVE to take it off.

I’ve been thinking of what vow I could make and the one that stands out to me the most is, “Do whatever it takes to make you happy and get to where you want to in life.” which I think is lovely. 🙂

I have already been thinking of ordering another bracelet to make a vow about my memoir. I can see this not being my first NTIO bracelet, they’re gorgeous bracelets and I love the meaning behind them!

I of course haven’t received my bracelet due to it coming from the USA (I’m in the UK don’t forget!) but as soon as I do I’ll be doing a post about it!

Until then though PLEASE take a look at their website and support the brand because they’re an amazing brand and I think they’re going to do really well for themselves in the future.




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