Photography course

As I said I would, here is a post about the photography course I did!

I started it on 20th February and finished it on 22nd March and it has been a busy, tiring month but a fun one too.

On the course I learnt how to work and use a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera(s) which were either Nikon or Canon cameras. I ended up falling in love with Nikon though myself due to the way it functions and such.

Two weeks into the course my Mom bought me a digital SLR for a late graduation present which was lovely of her! But this being said, it wasn’t supposed to arrive until 4th April so when it arrived like a week after ordering it was a lovely surprise.

It arrived at the perfect time too of when I had my project to start and finish. On the course we got set a project to do for the piece we get graded on and all that fun stuff so for my camera to arrive at the one time I really needed it, was lucky. 😛

At first I was going to do my project on still life and nature photography but in the end I ended up sticking with nature photography, due to the wildlife pictures I took being too cute not to use!

I went to the Nature Centre with my best friend one chilly Wednesday morning and we stayed there for two maybe three hours just taking pictures of all the cute animals and gossiping (as friends do!). The red panda at the Nature Centre is absolutely GORGEOUS and I wanted to snuggle him (or her) and take him (or her!) home with me. But of course I couldn’t.

The pictures were amazing that I took of all the animals and plenty of ooing and awwing occurring when I showed them off to people.

I really hope to go out and take more pictures like this in the near future, especially nature and fashion related. I know I have my own project in mind to do for this blog to start in April, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 😛

So what am I doing now you may be wondering? I’m going onto the advanced photography course, which I start tomorrow afternoon/evening… But I can’t remember how long it goes on for. Can’t wait though, I’ve missed learning new things. XD


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