Why hello thar!

I’m here still I haven’t vanished. Feel the need to say this often seeing as I keep disappearing.

As you know I started my photography course a month ago and it finish on Thursday. I’m so pleased with how much I’ve learnt while being on the course, getting my own digital SLR (late graduation present from my Mom) and meeting some lovely people along the way. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers and all that good stuff that I have got a distinction for the project I did for my course. I’m going to be doing a post about my course after this so keep eyes peeled if you want to know more!

So anyway a lot has happened the past 20 days so I’m just going to try to update you all and write as  much as I can tonight. If it doesn’t get done tonight, it will over the next week.

I’m back and I’m going to try to not wander off again! I love writing for my blog and coming back and seeing it get at least 5 views a day is so amazing and it makes me so, SO happy! Things can only get better with this blog… I hope. XD


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