March favourites

Sorry I’m a few days (try 7!) late with this I’ve just been a tad busy and also been trying to think of what my favourites were last month! I don’t have too many, but here goes.

  • Lynx Attract for Her Body Spray. I’d heard that Lynx had brought out a body spray for women and I didn’t believe it until I saw it. I’m sure majority of you have seen it but it’s a white can with pink writing, design etc on it. I decided to see what it smelt like and pretty much fell in love, much better than any Impulse I’ve ever smelt so I decided to get a few cans. It’s apparently limited edition too, which I was sad to hear but hope it isn’t true or they change their minds and keep it limited for good. The smell is hard to describe, but it’s definitely citrus smelling and reminds me of a cheap perfume you’d have used as a young teen. Anyway I like it, I need to start taking it out instead of Impulse though!
  • Original Source Chocolate & Mint Shower Melt. First of all this stuff smells AMAZING, just like After Eights, which I love anyway. I love anything mint chocolately so I just couldn’t resist buying this after smelling it. I don’t use it that often as my Amazing Grace shower gel by Philosophy takes the stage but when I do the bathroom smells so yummy afterwards. As well as smelling good, it leaves my arms feeling soft, which I have problems with unless I moisturise due to having dry skin but this stuff does a good job. Only paid a £1 for this in Body Care, go try some out if you find it, worth £1 or ever £2!
  • Mel Wellington Boots. My Mom was lovely enough to offer to buy me these after knowing for well over a year that I’d been craving the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Wellington boots and she saw these in the sale so bought me them. They’re extremely comfortable and look great with tights, leggings, bare legs and skinny fit jeans/trousers. I love them, will be wearing them loads this year!


  • Outspoken by Fergie. Got this as a perfume to take with me on nights out but it’s soon become a favourite to wear before I go out and while on the move, thus replacing Nina by Nina Ricci which my brother bought me for Christmas. Review of that perfume can be found here if you want to check that out. The perfume is sweet but a mature sweet, kind of thing my Mom would have given me when I was younger as a first perfume. It’s great for the day but I wouldn’t say so much for nights due to how it’s not very heavy and I like that sort of smell on nights out so I don’t have to keep topping up. It’s great though and was only £10!

I’m afraid I can’t think of anything else as I haven’t really bought much that isn’t what I usually buy. Sorry about that though guys, there’s going to be lots of posts coming up the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!


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