Dip-dyed hair

Unless you have been hiding under a rock away from fashion then you’ll have seen this new hair style EVERYWHERE. I know I certainly have and quite frankly, I love it!

First time I saw it was all over Tumblr around Christmas/New Year time. I’ve wanted to get this style for ages and because I don’t dye my hair, I’ll be faking it with a spray, or maybe, just maybe with Kevin Murphy’s Colour-Bug. Watch this spot!

But anyhoo… For a newsletter I’m a joint editor and writer on, I literally JUST finished writing an article about how to get this look for them and I wanted to share it with you. This is only half of it, this is for spraying/geling your hair. Enjoy!

If you don’t want to take the plunge and dye it, you can “fake” it! There are various ways you can do this, you could buy some clip-in extensions or use a spray or gel. Dip-dyed clip-in extensions aren’t easy to come by (trust me I’ve looked) and although I reckon the high street shops will be selling them soon, you can cheaply do them yourself at home, using some spray/gel. This is just if you don’t wish to put these products on your own hair. Buy some cheap clip-in extensions (Claire’s Accessories, Primark etc) which match your hair colour and then get your spray/gel. One brand available from Boots are Colour Xtreme which comes in both a spray (£4.07) and gel (£5.10). These come in various colours of pink, green, orange (spray only), purple (spray only), white (spray only), black, red and blue. Another brand to look at are Colour FX, which is available to buy at Superdrug. They offer a spray (£3.59) and gel (£3.09) version too like Colour Xtreme. They offer various more colours than Colour Xtreme and here is a link to these for you to go and look at. Getting the look with hair spray/gel is much more straight forward than dying it and in that sense, is quicker too. For spray you want to apply the spray to the ends of your hair and leave to dry before brushing through with a soft bristled brush. Add another layer of the spray to increase the colour. If you are using two colours leave some parts of your hair to spray with this and repeat and then your done. And what makes this better is if you don’t like it, it’s easily washed out!

Advice about spraying hair taken from Colour Xtreme website.


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