April Favourites

We have literally just left April (by 2 hours) and already I’m all pumped up and ready to write about my April favourites, I have a lot of them I’ll tell you! Much more than last month, so let me get on with it!

  • Models Own nail polish in Aqua Violet. I’ve always looked at their nail polishes and thought about buying them, then left it. However on a shopping trip with my best friend one Saturday afternoon we noticed that Boots had their 3 for 2 on ALL make up products and we couldn’t help but investigate. I wasn’t really after anything, but my friend was, so while I helped her find a new lipstick and some other things I came across this nail polish and for £5 I had to snap it up. It’s a gorgeous shimmer and is described on Models Own website as, “Aqua Violet, a true sky shimmer” which is accurate. It is a holographic nail polish which consists of various shades of green and purple, which is how it gets its name. It’s a part of the Beetlejuice collection, which I think is gorgeous. I’ll be buying more from this collection in the near future!
  • Marmite Rice Cakes. Okay I know this isn’t a beauty product but damn I need to mention these! Whilst on a shopping trip for food my Mom pointed these out to me and suggested I try some, as I’m a HUGE Marmite fan. They are delicious and at less than 100 calories a bag I know I’ll be stocking up on more of these in future. Only flaw with them? They don’t last long enough!
  • Max Factor Colour Effect Mini Nail Polish Fantasy Fire. This nail polish has been all over the beauty blogs and after reading about it on at least five I decided I would purchase it for myself after seeing how gorgeous it is. I’d heard from one YouTuber/Blogger that it was sold out EVERYWHERE, however on the first hunt for this I found five bottles of it, well four after I bought it. It’s a gorgeous shimmer purple with flecks of every colour imaginable running through it when in the right light. The only flaw with this is how you need to apply LOADS of coats to get a good colour pay off, but personally this doesn’t bother me. Worth the £3.99 I spent on it!
  • Miss Sporty Disco Tech top coat nail polish. This was a random buy while out shopping with my best friend again. I had wanted a top coat polish for a while BUT I didn’t want to pay through the teeth for it. Miss Sporty are pretty good for their make up range so I decided to have a look there and I’m glad I did. This top coat is special! Under UV lighting this polish glows and makes your nails look all pretty and such. I can’t wait to go clubbing again so I can finally see it in action, its been over a week and I haven’t seen it yet, I NEED TO! If you’re a clubber like me, you’ll love this and for £1.99 it won’t break the bank either.
  • Revlon Sweetly Seductive scented polish in Watermelon Fizz. This was a random buy, I didn’t even know that Revlon had a new collection of nail polishes out, let alone scented ones! This nail polish reminded me of Rapture by China Glaze which I have lusting after for over a year now. At £6.49 the price wasn’t so bad for a colour I had been craving for for so long. The colour of this polish is a pinky red with pink and red glitter and shimmer running throughout and as the name says, it’s scented of watermelons. I usually hate the smell of watermelon and it makes me feel sick but this smelt sweet and fresh, which is lovely. However the scent doesn’t last that long but personally this doesn’t bother me. I will definitely be buying more of these in future, I just hope we get as many scents/shades as America do!
  • Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours nail polish in Grape Fit. This is a gorgeous cream purple colour. I just wanted something cheap and cheerful and once again for £1.99 this has done the job. I recently painted my nails with this and put a coat of Fantasy Fire over the top, it looks gorgeous!
  • Finally another Revlon product. Revlon Lip Butter lipstick in Candy Apple. This is now my favourite drug store lipstick! Everyone has been ranting and raving about these lip sticks and after buying one for myself, I can see why and I’ve not even had it a week yet, but it deserves its place here in the April favourites. I love my red lipsticks, they suite me the best and this one is definitely going to be a favourite for a very long time. The lipstick is creamy, glossy and as well as that it leaves a stain behind, which if topped with a pink or red lip gloss will look lovely. I’m going to be buying more shades in the future for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, there are definitely more in April than there was in March and most of the products mentioned will be getting reviews this month so keep your eyes peeled for those.


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