May Favourites

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already June and halfway through 2012. It’s going too quickly for me, but at least it’ll officially be summer in 16 days, as it falls on 20th June! I can’t wait quite frankly, as most of us Brit’s know, the weather in May was amazing! Hopefully we’ll get some more like that soon! *crosses fingers*

Anyhoo here are  my favourites for May!

  • Avon Footworks Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray. I bought this spray in 2011 but have only recently started to use it. I bought the spray, intending to use it but it ended up staying in the bottom of my drawer until the hot weather came upon us and I needed something to cool my feet down. This is perfect for that! Sadly it’s not discontinued but Avon bring out a new special edition flavour/scent for every season. At the moment it’s Mint & Aloe, which sounds delicious and something I can see me purchasing in the near future. This smells like delicious cherries and with a few sprays cools my feet down in seconds. Perfect for on the go or just to spray on your feet before and/or after you leave the house.
  • Paris Hilton Heiress Eau De Parfum. Sadly my bottle of Fergie Outspoken ran out recently and I began to use this perfume as my daily scent. I’ve loved this scent since the day I bought it and you can find the review for it here. This is great to use before going out whether it be for day or night as it has a fun, girly scent. I just love the scent, it’s different and I think it’s great for the summer.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fruity & Cheeky Cherry. I’ve only ever tried one Batiste scent before this one and that was Tropical which I personally HATED. I hated the smell and I hated the way it applied. I used it for New Years Eve and yes, it made my hair look and feel clean and fresh but the smell lingered for ages and made me feel sick and my dress was covered in talc marks, which I had to make sure to brush and wipe away before leaving the house. My experience with Cheeky Cherry wasn’t as bad. Maybe this was because it was my second time using it, I don’t know. Anyway, the scent was much more pleasant than the Tropical and I didn’t get any white talc stains/marks on my clothes. The scent isn’t heavy and it made my hair look and feel clean and fresh. This is going to be used weekly now and I’m glad I’ve found a scent I can enjoy!
  • Anna Sui Night Of Fancy Eau De Toilette. This was a recent purchase but I’m already in love with the scent. I was having a look around for a new EDT and I didn’t really want to spend anymore than £20 and this was a bargain! It was £14.99 for a 50ml spray and it smells amazing. I’ll be writing a full review for this this week but to briefly explain this, it has a wonderful floral smell and with just a few sprays lingers for hours! Well worth the money if you can bag yourself a bargain.
  • Last of all Sicilian Lemon Yankee Candle. For a while now I have wanted a summery Yankee Candle, as the two I own are both Christmas scents (Christmas Cookie and Christmas Cupcake) and I wanted something more for when the summer arrives. I had looked at buying Sweet Strawberry as it’s one of my favourites but whilst browsing in town one afternoon I bought myself this scent and Pink Dragon fruit in samplers to try before buying the small jars. I haven’t yet tried Pink Dragon fruit, but after trying Sicilian Lemon, I fell in love instantly and bought the small jar a week later. I haven’t yet lit it as I’m still finishing the sampler, but this is going to be the perfect scent for summer afternoons and evenings. It instantly reminds me of Costa’s Iced Lemonade and of the cloudy lemonade that M&S sell. It also reminds me of lemon sherbet, which takes me back to my childhood. I’m in love with this candle scent and if you love Yankee Candles or you’re just starting to take an interest in them, I recommend you give this a sniff and buy the sampler.

So that it’s for this months favourites! If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, please feel free to post a comment!


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