So I’ve been away JUST over a month

And a hell of a lot has happened in that time! I can’t exactly go into detail about them but one can be that I am no longer unemployed, YAY! And also that I have a tan, DOUBLE YAY!

As us fellow Brit’s know, we had two gorgeous weeks of hot days and sunshine, which I made the most of and have a lovely tan line on my wrist to prove it. I wouldn’t have it there but sadly I had to cut my vow bracelet off, BUT I’m going to remake it to create a necklace to wear on nights out and such.

As well as this I FINALLY finished reading Gok Wan’s autobiography and have started to read The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, which is an amazing book and I’m sure I’ll be mentioning this a lot in future.

As well as this I’ve just been doing my usual, writing, browsing the internet, doing my photography, dancing, etc. I shall be posting updates about all of these in separate posts over the next week, so keeps your eyes peeled.

Once again sorry about there not being many posts, I’ve just been super busy so my blog has had to be put on hold I’m afraid, but I should be getting loads of blogs written and posted now so enjoy the next 5 or so posts!

Good to be back baby! 😉


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