An update on my life at the moment

Hello my lovelies! I’m sorry I’ve been away from my blog so little the past month or so, my life has just changed rather dramatically the past month.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned I got my job, which I do part-time and the other time I’m either catching up with my best and closest friends, spending time with family, having time for myself or doing things around the house.

I don’t miss the way my unemployed life was, I still see my friends as much as I have been since working and I have more money now, which is great! I just don’t social network as much as I used to, but I’m sure I will be soon. I blame that mostly on my phones wi-fi being done for about a month, but that’s fixed now. Free of change by HTC, thanks guys! 😀

Anyhoo I’ve been at my job nearly a month now and I’m starting to settle into a routine there and as soon as 1st July is here I’m going to start writing again because I miss it terribly, I think about it all the time but then think, “I better not do any tonight, I need to be awake early.” as most of the time I write-up to 5,000 words or more a night and I don’t finish until about 4am-6am.

As well as work stuff I’ve just been doing my thing, going out with friends, odd bits of shopping, thinking of story ideas and LOTS of reading. Starting this month I’m going to have a monthly post about which books I’ve read/currently reading, why I like them etc. The post for this month will be up after this one. 😉

I’ve been thinking of more ideas for my blog too as I miss posting on here and sometimes I don’t get the time to write posts like this and my friend Poppy over on her blog posts images of her in what she’s wearing that day and she’s inspired me to do my own. My only worry is showing my face/body etc as I’m not exactly confident with it majority of the time and worry about getting nasty comments. But I’m going to give it a trial run throughout July and see how it goes. Fingers crossed it’ll be good and you’ll all be lovely and such to me. 🙂

As well as this, I will soon be putting an icon up of my lovely face. I have it up on my Twitter and people haven’t been nasty or anything, if anything they have been lovely and it makes me feel so much better about myself, especially if I’m having a really bad day.

So yes, that’s all for now on my life! Nothing interesting, but exciting that I’m working now and can afford lovely things. Speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for a blog post soon about what I’m going to try to buy tomorrow (Friday) when I go shopping. 😉

Keep well my lovelies.


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