June favourites

It’s that time of month again (and I’m late by 8 days, oh my!) to tell you about my favourites from the previous month. Don’t have too many by the looks of it, so apologies.

  • Boots 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Hollywood.

This lipstick is amazing, I don’t recall talking about it before and even if I have I don’t care, it can get mentioned again. I use this for work the most out of all my lipsticks because of its formulation. The lipstick is more lip a lip gloss, but in a stick and like a gloss it doesn’t stain the  lips or leave that icky ring around the edge of your lips like a lip liner, which is great for work as it means I don’t have to worry about any embarrassing lines anywhere!  I love my lipsticks BRIGHT as it’s the only make up I wear and Hollywood does this right with its cherry apple shade, perfect if you want a bright lip but you aren’t used to it.

  • Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt.

This was a random purchase and one of the best I’ve made for a while. Soap & Glory never disappoint me and to date I’ve only ever bought/owned three items of theirs, two being accessories and one being a skin care product. Anyhoo I bought this due to the mini mitt reminding me of something similar that Bubzbeauty (Bubbi) had reviewed and recommended to her viewers but hers was a pink fish version from Japan. My skin feels so amazing every morning when I use this and I’ve been using it just about a month and I feel like my skin is better than it was before. I’ve been recommending these to everyone possible, they’re less than a fiver and are amazing for the money!

  • Possibility Shower gel/Shampoo & Bubble Bath in Raspberry Pavlova.

I bought this shower gel from Home Bargains for less than a £1 after smelling how divine it is and the only way I can describe that is raspberry ripple ice cream. It’s a strong scent that actually lingers on the skin after you’ve showered! I use this mainly before and after my pole dancing classes and when I’m too lazy to apply lotion before work. But you don’t even need to  after using this as it leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and smelling gorgeous. Possibility have a whole range out and I fully intend on finding more products by them as so far I have this and the same flavour but as a Ultra Rich Hand & Nail Cream. Reviews soon, soo keep your eyes peeled for those!

I’m sorry this is short again but that’s all I have for you all this month, I’ve been too busy with my new job to try anything new and whatever new has been tried it was at the end of June, beginning of July. So this only means that July will be jam-packed full of products!

Keep well and keep your eyes peeled for reviews!

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