Benedict, Frankenstein and Cum on my baps.

Due to my job I serve hundreds of people a day, which means I could see anybody, especially celebrities. Someone I work with served some of the members of Steps while I was on my break. Cool huh?

So anyway I’m sure I served on myself recently, either that or it was someone who resembled them very well. One person I want to serve at work of late is Benedict Cumberbatch. If he were to come into work, I’d die! Well, I wouldn’t but yeah I’d be excited.

I’d probably come out with, “ah it’s Sherlock! Sorry I mean the creature… Sorry! I mean Frankenstein! Fuck sorry excuse my language I mean cum on my baps. …” then I’d turn bright red from embarrassment and continue serving him. Wanting to shut up too but not being able to due to having to offer him any of our special deals. He’d more than likely mumble a no in that sexy, posh, handsome voice of his and leave, after paying me of course!

I very much doubt he’ll ever come into the shop so this thoughtful moment of mine will never happen so… That being said I would love to meet him, he’s an amazing actor, bloody gorgeous and he has a good chance at being a model. He’s inspiring and alongside Tom Hardy, he’s got me into wanting to act again, I miss it from studying drama at university and would love to be in some short films soon. Going to keep my eyes peeled!

So anyway the point of This post was to go back to how I used to write on here before I started to get too busy to update you all and of course I’ve chosen Benedict Cumberbatch as the main topic of this one. As well as the hot weather we had on Thursday when my best friend and I ventured up town for the day and then off to watch Frankenstein.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller star as either The Creature or Frankenstein, depending which night. The night that was recorded for us to watch was with Benedict Cumberbatch as The creature and Johnny Lee Miller as Frankenstein. The original performances were held at The National Theatre in London, which was directed by Danny Boyle and the performance we watched was recorded for audiences to enjoy around the world. And boy did we enjoy! I haven’t watched a play that good since A Window by Edward Bond in 2009.

I can’t put into words how amazing the performances were, especially Benedict Cumberbatch’s but it has just made me want to see how Johnny Lee Miller performed as The Creature, as I heard he was better at it, I don’t know what to think, the first act/scene was amazing with how The Creature is shown to evolve and adapt to its new surroundings. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil but it is spectacular. I just couldn’t help but watch every little detail possible throughout each act/scene as the two guys did such an amazing job. I just hope it comes out on DVD now, it would be a shame if it didn’t, especially for people who haven’t been able to see it.

Soon as I got home from watching it I finally ordered Sherlock, series 1 and 2. Hoping it arrives tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday so I can stay in bed and watch it! Shameless mentions here now. It whenever I think of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock I always think of my friends Hannah and Gabriella, who both love the man and the show quite a bit. Hannah was talking about Sherlock for months before I’d finally got around to watching it. And I won’t forget the two days we spent at Gabriella’s eating macaroni cheese and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as we all discussed how gay Watson is for Holmes. It was fun times and I miss it so much, roll on September when she’s back closer to meee!

Anyway I think that’s enough for this blog post now, I’ve ranted on a little too much about Benedict Cumberbatch and all sorts! Hope you’ve all had a good week in the sunshine and hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekends too.


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