What I wore (29th June 2012)

So this is the start of the “What I wore” posts that will be seen on my blog in future. There won’t be loads, but there will be at least two a month for you to check out.

So on 29th June I decided it was time to start these posts… But nearly a month later they’re finally getting posted on here. It’s taken me so long due to getting the courage to do so and also being really busy.

I took about 5 pictures but the 4 of them looked rubbish, this one doesn’t look too bad though. My only downfall with the picture is you can see all the crap in the background from where we were having a sort out. But they’ve gone since then.

On this day I was going shopping with my Mom for lovely things in the afternoon (as I’d been paid that day) and on the evening I was going on a “date”, which for anyone wondering was amazing. Best one I’ve been on for a long time. ^_^

So anyhoo, time for the picture!

T-shirt – Primark.

Skirt – Topshop.

Tights – Primark.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Sorry this isn’t an amazing first picture for my what I wore but I know from taking this first picture and posting it here I’ll learn how to get better pictures for it future. Like showing you my shoes, jewellery etc.

I loved this outfit and it’s the first time I’ve worn it, but it won’t be the last. It made me feel gorgeous and classy, the t-shirt tucked into the skirt made my waist look the best it has for a long time and that filled me with confidence about my body, which I rarely get.

Hope you liked this first post, I’ll be posted another what I wore VERY soon.

2 thoughts on “What I wore (29th June 2012)

  1. you look lovely lady, well done on getting the courage to post, i adore your skirt!! don’t worry about the mess, i never do! one blog last week had my knickers hanging in the background…. didn’t notice untill it was online haha
    poppy x

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