Dr Martens Triumph 12 Eyelet Leather Boots and they’re finally mine!

I’m sure I mentioned recently how I’d ordered these babies and how I was looking forward to getting them… If not then I apologise. I ordered them nearly a fortnight ago and was told they wouldn’t be arriving to me until late August, thank God that was wrong as I didn’t think I could wait that long!

These are the beauts! They’re leather (of course) and black at that. I had been looking at the brown pair with shearling on the inside but I couldn’t find a pair ANYWHERE in my size for a decent price, so I ended up getting these ones. They have English floral inside and it looks beautiful, especially for spring and summer. As well as that they come with two sets of laces, normal black ones and these black silk ribbon ones which make the boots look that bit more feminine.

Of course the gorgeous inside lining of these boots has a purpose. You can fold over the boot to create a long boot into an ankle boot, which will look lovely with jeans and tights.

The lining is too gorgeous for words and even though I love it, I think for the majority of the time these boots will be worn high instead of at ankle length. That is unless I wear them for a night out, then I may eventually turn them down to make them look more feminine. A buckle at the back holds them firmly into place, which is handy!

As I said before these will look great with skinny fit jeans, a dress/shorts/skirt with tights and maybe even leggings! The possibilities will be endless with these and I can’t wait to wear them!

I’m tempted to wear them tonight when I go out but I don’t have a clue what with and plus I’m rather paranoid that they might need more time to give in and I could be left crippled for a day or two. I don’t want to be crippled! I’ve tied them rather loose (not too loose of course!) so that I have give when I wear jeans and thick socks.

That being said I can’t wait to wear them, Amy Lee has a pair just like these and I’d love to try to wear an outfit on a night or evening out with friends like what she’s worn on stage.

In  other news of today as well as my new boots arriving, the Sherlock DVD’s I ordered did too, so I’m watching both series before I go out… I hope!

Been a good day, got a lot of things done and now I need to go off and decide what I want to wear tonight. The troubles of being a women eh?

4 thoughts on “Dr Martens Triumph 12 Eyelet Leather Boots and they’re finally mine!

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