Random Tuesday

So today is rather random indeed. I’ve been home all of two hours (or less), I’m watching Sherlock, texting two of my friends about my evening and writing my Sherlock fan fiction.

Oh joy is my Tuesday morning! I also have my pole dancing class later, lots of upside downs and back drops will be performed. Burnt thighs for the win!

Anyhoo this post is just about the fan fiction I started yesterday. I have so far told two of my best friends about this and they seem to like the idea and have the first 500 words of it to read. I intend to send them what I have so far every time I have written 500 words. Just for proof reading and all that. 😉

Anyway I won’t give away what the story or plot is now and you’ll have to wait until I post the whole story on here and on http://www.fanfiction.net/ in the near future!

But yes, just a short update from me. As well as this I’m REALLY craving Ribena Light, I’m tempted to buy that Revlon lip butter I have my eye on and I really can’t wait for tomorrow.

However I must go away now and get on with my writing, want at least 3,000 words done before tomorrow!

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