July favourites

It’s that time of month again and I really don’t have much to talk about… OKAI MAYBE I DO! But not as much as I’ve had previous months, so here goes!

  • MAC lipstick in Rebel.

This is the first MAC lipstick I have bought and it definitely won’t be the last one! It’s such a beautiful rich colour, their website describing it as “vivid pinkish-purple” which is pretty accurate. I found out about this lipstick whilst browsing one of my favourite blogs, Temptalia and I thought one afternoon before meeting some friends I’d pay a little visit to MAC and try it on. Bought it not long after trying it on, £14.00 isn’t the most I’ve spent on a lipstick but even if it was, I wouldn’t mind as this lipstick is beautiful. It’s a satin finish and last for ages! I love it for nights out and during the day (depending what I’m wearing). However the downside is I can’t wear it for work as it’s too “in your face”. But I intend to get a more tolerable shade by MAC for this soon.

  • Paris Hilton Heiress perfume.

This is the perfume I’m using from day-to-day at the moment, whilst I use something else for work. It’s such a sweet and cute scent for during the day and evening when we’re having lovely weather. Only thing I hate about it is the size of the bottle. It’s 100ml so I can’t really take it out with me, unless I want an aching shoulder. However I do pop some in my Travello to take on nights out with me so that’s not bad is it?

  • Rimmel London Vinyl Max Lip Gloss in shade 301 Addictive.

This has crept back into one of my monthly favourites again! I’ve been using this lots for work and nights out lately due to how it leaves a lovely stain like colour, lasts ages and is a gorgeous fuchsia colour. After I bought this in the new year I wore it for ages and then left it, thinking it would never be touched again. But of late when I have early shifts at work I can’t be bothered with lipstick so I like to put a gloss on. However two of the glosses I have are light and I fancied something that made my lips stand out, especially in the morning. So this has done the trick. As well as it looked great it smells and tastes nice too.

  • Philosophy Summer Grace shower gel, bath and shampoo.

The shower I use upstairs was out-of-bounds last week for a few days so I had to go downstairs and use the one my Mom uses. She’s the only one to use it because I’m too tall and too big. I bash my arms and legs off the walls every five seconds and it just drives me mad. But I had showers to get and a body and hair to clean so I put up with it. My Mom has this gorgeous shower gel in the shower and I stole a bit for a change instead of my Amazing Grace version. I always forget how beautiful it smells. It really is like summer in a bottle. It smells refreshing and citrus and just gorgeous. I’m tempted to buy a bottle of this myself, I wouldn’t dare steal her bottle, that’s just mean!

These are probably the only things I’ll mention this month, I’ll add more if I think of any!


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