The big shopping day out with Poppy!

My friend Poppy (whose blog you can go and check out here) decided it was time to go on our first huuuge shopping trip together and what a wonderful and hilarious day we had!

We decided on a Sunday due to a mixture of us being at work and the shops being quiet. Plus pay-day on Friday meant plenty of shopping money. 😛

We went mostly to The Bullring and shops around town in Birmingham. We went from River Island to Topshop, from Topshop to Forever 21 and so on and so forth. Poppy bought some beautiful pieces for work that could be dressed up or down for daytime and pub evenings too.

Green Leprechaun disco pants were tried on, as well as slag dresses and it was hilarious!

We ventured to Selfridges to look at MAC, Illamasqua, Nars and other various high-end make up lines and we had amazing service from Illamasqua and Nars but the people on the MAC counter didn’t seem to give a damn. We stood there waiting to be served and asked if we needed any help but no one came, so we gave up. I was after a new MAC lipstick too, shame I didn’t get my hands on one but at the end of the day, if no one comes to help you out, what can you do? I intend to go in the next few weeks and get a bloody good service!

Poppy bought some lovely bits from Illamasqua and the new Ciate caviar manicure nail polishes, I wish I’d bought some now as Selfridges are selling the special edition red, white and blue set. Next time I shall do, they’ll last me ages with work but what puts me off is after a few days wear, it’ll need to come off again due to work. 😦

We went for yummy Costa and their toast is AMAZING! Will be getting it at work in future whenever I don’t have time to get any breakfast in the mornings, or even for lunch/dinner if I don’t have time to take anything for then either.

Later on I took Poppy to try bubble tea and I think she loved it. 😛 Everyone I have taken there has enjoyed it and gone again and again. I had milky chocolate with black tea and orange popping bubbles. Was amazing and due to the Olympics the place we went to were doing a special offer of free extra popping bubbles or jelly. I tried the lychee jelly and it was okay but I won’t be having jelly again, the texture made my skin crawl a tad… BUT other than that, I loved it!

We went into Primark, squeezing past plenty of morons with no fashion sense and queuing up in the monstrous ques and bought some lovely bits and bobs there too. We also got a t-shirt the same, so whenever I wear it it’ll remind me of Poppy. :’)

Ventured to River Island a few times due to me not being sure whether or not I wanted a skirt I saw, which I bought after trying on. It’s gorgeous! Hit the sales in Topshop and got myself a new pair of jeans too, which I had spotted on their sale online so I was hoping I could find them in store. I tried them on and they felt amazing and gorgeous, I didn’t think they would fit me as they’re skinny fits but they fit like a charm. Well worth the money! Finally we popped into Debenhams and I bought a Henry Holland bag that I’ve been after for MONTHS. It’s a green satchel and will go beautifully with my houndstooth coat during autumn and winter. Thought of wearing them two together makes me excited!

So here’s some pictures of what I bought!

I bought this skirt from River Island for £30. It was one of the first things I eyed up during the day. I’ve wanted a skirt like this for ages as I’ve seen them all over Tumblr on the grunge blogs, dressed up with wedges and brothel creepers. So on the second trip to River Island I tried it on and fell in love. The style of the skirt is gorgeous for both day and night and the colour… Don’t even get me started! Dark purple is my favourite and is wearable with so many colours. Navy, white, dark green, black, maroon, the list can go on! As well as this, it comes with a gorgeous skinny black belt, with little studs on. For £30 I thought this was a lot but at the same time I don’t mind paying it for something I’ve been after for ages and I know from River Island its great quality and will last me years. Can’t wait to wear this soon!

We ventured into Primark and came out with plenty of lovely things and I have to praise Primark fo their wonderful grunge and vintage pieces for A/W12. We had a look around and I didn’t really know what I was after, all I knew was that I needed black socks and a black and white tank top (which they’d sold out of!). Not long after walking in I eyed up a few shirts and tops. Poppy picked up some dresses and shirts for work and general which look beautiful, can’t wait to see them up on her blog! I spotted a navy shirt with some lovely pearls on the collar (which I forgot to take a picture of… sorry but thank Look Magazine for their picture!). This was £12 and I picked up a size I was in two minds whether it would fit or not, but I tried it on when I got home and it fits beautifully! I’ll have to wear a black tank top underneath this as it’s a sheer material and you can see straight through it. Will probably wear this with a black shirt, shorts and black skinny fit jeans. Mostly wear this on nights out and relaxing days with my girls. As well as this shirt I bought two tops, I don’t know what they’re called though… But they’re gorgeous! I tried them on when I got home and they fit wonderfully, I kinda wish I had risked it and gone a size down so they’re more tight fitted, but I’m happy with them nonetheless. For only £6 each I think I’ll be buying some more colours in future! The black one I bought for nights out and to go with the skirt from River Island, but the purple/maroon one is gorgeous and I can’t get over the colour. Poppy has bought the same one, so it’ll be great to see how she wears hers! I intend to wear mine with black skirts, black skinny fits, the jeans I bought from Topshop (pictures next!) and anything else I think it’ll go with. The gold parts on the collar gives it that lovely tough and adds a bit more life to the piece. I’m sure I spotted these in navy too so I’ll be buying these soon. These will go great with my Dr Martens, brothel creepers and my houndstooth coat!

I knew I wanted to check out Topshop’s sale after spotting these beauties on their sale online, as you can check on their website to see if they have your size in stores near you. I found out they had a size lower than I am in stock so I thought I’d try those on and see how they were. However when it came to looking on the rail they had my size, so I snapped them up quickly and went to the changing rooms, Poppy joining me to try on some vest tops. As I went to put these on I did my usual panic when I try trousers/jeans on that they won’t fit and I end up crying on the changing room floor like I did once in Primark… Anyway they went on like a charm and I knew that I had to buy them. £20 down from £45. BARGAIN! And I love the American flag print on clothes and like most of the places that are doing this trend right now, these jeans aren’t in your face with it. As well as getting them in the sale cheap, I got an extra £2 thanks to my student card from when I took photography for a few months. WINNING as Charlie Sheen would say! These will look amazing with the purple top I bought from Primark, my Dr Martens and my pleather biker jacket.

My final purchase of the day was this bag by Henry Holland. I’ve been wanting this bag since before I got my job so a good two or three months now and I had always said I would wait until it went into the sale or I had the spare cash. With Poppy in my company it didn’t take much persuading and I ended up picking it up and walking over to the counter to fork out the £35 for it. YES it’s a lot of money but it’s gorgeous and I know I’ll use it to death this autumn and winter. It’s a gorgeous emerald-green satchel that isn’t real leather, although it could feel like it if you were on ecstasy or very VERY drunk. Not only does the outside look beautiful but the lining on the inside is amazing! Orange with blue stars, can’t go wrong there eh? Not only does this come in green, it comes in brown too with a black and pink lining. This will go great with my houndstooth coat, as well as that with my other coats I have which are blue and red. I can’t wait to use this tomorrow when I have to go out. I’m such a nerd when it comes to fashion I swear.

After we’d finished shopping we went to get some dinner and relax for a couple of hours. HOWEVER halfway through our shopping trip we went to Poppy’s car to put some of her shopping away, as she bought more than I did. But when we got to the level of the car park she had put her car on… We couldn’t find it. We must have been looking for a good 15 minutes before we finally spotted her car, which we had walked past not once BUT TWICE! I think all the thoughts of clothes, make up and God knows what else had gone to our heads a little. We felt rather silly for walking past it, but it made our day.

We headed to Las Iguanas as Poppy said they did lovely food there and I trusted her, she has good taste. 😛 I’m a really fussy eater so it took me ages to decide what I wanted, but in the end I’m glad with what I chose because it was fucking delicious. I’m definitely going again with friends, they’ll love it there if they haven’t been before. We didn’t drink any alcohol due to Poppy driving and I had been out the night before so wasn’t too fussed. We tried their citrus coolers and they were amazing, freshly squeezed lemon and limes topped with lemonade. I’m going to make this myself for hot summer days, it was so delicious, we had another couple of glasses.

Finally our venturous and lovely day came to an end… But in the funniest way possible. We weren’t sure how Poppy was going to get home and I hopelessly directed Poppy around trying to get her out of the city and finally we got to where she needed to go and I went to get my bus home. I had such a wonderful day with her, we’ve already spoken of me going to visit her as it’s only an hours drive and I have my car. Can’t wait quite frankly, I love going shopping and for once someone spent more money than I, RESULT. 😛

To top the day off everyone we met either thought we were weird or thought we were nice girls. Result!

Go check out Poppy’s blog, I linked it at the top. She’s the one who has inspired me to do my what I wore posts. She has such amazing fashion sense and her reviews are great. Leave her love, she’s a beautiful, wonderful person and I’m proud to call her my friend. ^_^


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