Productive but strange day

Where to start with this post… I’m just going to dive straight in!

I had to go somewhere today (won’t name said place at this moment in time) and I usually do the 20 minute walk but today this didn’t happen due to it raining and my Mom insisting I have a lift so therefore I did. I really enjoy doing the walk so the fact I didn’t do it I felt a little peeved at myself.

I wasn’t in the place long and I was off to do a little bit of shopping. As explained on a previous post (I think) the second bag I purchased from a well-known shop had to be taken bag due to it breaking. Must have taken between 15-20 minutes and I was insistent that due to this being the second bag that had broken (both being different styles) I wanted my money back. So they sorted this for me and I got my refund and toodled off to New Look to get the bag I had posted on this post.

The bag is gorgeous and while it isn’t as roomy as the ones I had previous it doesn’t really bother me as it fits everything snug and it’s less hassle to have to try to find everything.

But throughout today I have been in a very strange mood. I think it is due to not getting much sleep and having to get this bag sorted. Sometimes people can grate on my nerves if I’m in this mood and today that happened and I reckon it did due to being tired and wanting to just be at home. Although my morning was pretty relaxing as I sat in bed watching Nails Inc on QVC.

I’m going shopping tomorrow with my family and I can’t wait for that, will be nice to celebrate mine and my Mom’s birthday with everyone in our own way.

I couldn’t wait to get home and when I did I did a 30 minute work out, looking online and through that found out I am beginning to grow a fondness to steam punk fashion. It really like the Victorian fashion as it is so a futuristic look to it just looks amazing! I have seen some heels and accessories that I really want too!

But anyhoo enough ranting from me, I’m going to do a post on steam punk items I like the look of. 😉


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