I spy with my little eye…

I see some things I want, which is impossible after buying so many lovely things with Poppy last Sunday!

I saw a few things with Poppy as well as with my Mom on Tuesday when I popped to the shops by us (they have a New Look) and I thought I’d share them with you, especially before I go shopping again tomorrow. Even though I probably won’t be buying much due to being poor from last Sunday, car insurance and my phone bill. Oh well, have to do these things eh? 😛

  • Dangly Skull Ear Cuff from Kukee.

I don’t have my ears pierced and I’m really glad I don’t. I’d just wear plugs in them and it’d be a waste of time really. So recently thanks to Tumblr I’ve been seeing lots of ear cuffs on girls, whether they have their ears pierced or not. Poppy told me about Kukee, which sell loads of gorgeous jewellery pieces and I’ve seen lots from their website I want (as you’ll be seeing in the  post!), this being one of them. It’d look gorgeous on my right ear, where I don’t have my side braid covering it. Very grunge!

  • Dangly Spikes Ear Cuff from Kukee (one on the right in image).

Another ear cuff I have my eye on, because like a necklace, bracelet or even earrings you can’t just have one set. 😉

  • Hedgehog Spike Bracelet from Kukee (one on left in image).

Another thing from Kukee I like, but can you blame me?! Look how cute yet awesome that bracelet is! These are everywhere on the high street at the moment but every single one I’ve looked at and tried on has been crap! These however look great quality for money and as soon as pay-day comes around in the next few weeks I’ll be ordering this bracelet and one of the ear cuffs.

  • Black and Tartan Backpack from New Look.

Even though I already have a pink backpack from  Primark (which was £5 in the sale FYI) and I only bought a new bag on Sunday, I still REALLY want this backpack. Would just look amazing with my houndstooth coat and pretty much everything in my wardrobe! Will keep my eye on it for sales in future, as I’m not paying £20 for another bag, I have loads. :’)

  • Blue Flecked Shawl Collar Cardigan from New Look.

I spotted this cardigan in New Look on Tuesday when I was shopping with my Mom and I think it’s gorgeous for autumn. Wear this dressed down or up during the day and in the evening and ooft! I’m tempted to try it on and see what I think of it when I go shopping tomorrow but I’m going to see how I feel. I’ve also seen one in New Look similar to this but it’s in a red wine sort of colour, which is gorgeous. A girl at work has it and it looks so snug and beautiful, couldn’t find it on New Look’s website though so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it tomorrow too.

  • Crafted Metallic Skull Studded  Clutch from Republic.

I saw this clutch with Poppy last week and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I’ve been after a new going out bag for a while now and this one is pretty high on what I’m after. I want something convenient, easy to carry and well… Gorgeous! I’m a bit mad on skulls of late and it doesn’t help this having skulls on it. But for £30 I’m going to once again wait until it’s in the sale and if that doesn’t happen I’ll find something like it.

  • Cheek n Lip Tint in shade rose tint by 2 True.

I’ve noticed this a few times when I’m popped into Superdrug and as of yet I haven’t picked it up to have a look/swatch it. I intend to tomorrow as I’m after a nice tint stain for my lips at work and for nights out. I reckon this would do a great job and for as little pennies as possible it means I won’t break the bank to try it. I’d branch out and get the Benefit version but I don’t think I’d use it enough for how much they would charge.

  • Red Velvet candle by Yankee Candles.

I only noticed this yesterday morning when I got an email from Yankee Doodle saying that their new website had opened. So I went for a mooch (as you do) and noticed this new scent for autumn. Don’t think I squealed loudly enough and it was only the realisation of needing to leave for work that prevented me from ordering it. I intend to look all over town for a smell of this tomorrow and if I like it, I’m going to buy the sampler version, just because I’ll be too poor for a small jar.

Anyhoo that was what I have  my eye on of late, hopefully won’t end up buying it all before I’m paid next and be skint! Fingers crossed for me eh?

BTW keep eyes peeled for a what I wore post tomorrow evening/Tuesday afternoon as I intend to take pictures of what I’m wearing tomorrow, as I’ll be entering a competition Dr Martens have at the moment. Go to their Facebook page to find out more!


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