What I wore (13th August 2012)

Wow it’s been AGES since I posted another one of these! Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had much time to myself.

Anyhoo I went shopping with my best friend and decided to wear this outfit together as I thought it looked lovely for the day out. I also wore my Dr Martens with it and my houndstooth coat (which I still need a picture of me wearing!) which I thought looked lovely, a great mixture of grunge and vintage. PERFECT for autumn/winter this year. I’ll wear this sort of outfit out during the day and the night, but not for clubbing, it’s too nice for that. 😛

Also, I have two pictures to post today as I thought they both looked lovely. :’)

Vest top – Primark.

Jeans – Topshop.

Bag (on bed) –  H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams.

Necklace – Present from my Mom.

Bracelets – Dorothy Perkins and Charmology (sold at Zen).

I really did love wearing this outfit and I can’t wait to wear all these pieces with something else again!

By the way you like my cuties on the bed? They’re all presents and remind me of people who I love. Penguin was bought for me on New Years Eve/Day by my Dad, Sooty puppet was my 22nd birthday present from my best friend, Squirt turtle was my 21st birthday present from my best friend and Snoopy reminds me of one of my friends who I hardly see, as I bought him when I was with her last.

Anyhoo more what I wore posts to come! =D

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