What I’ve been buying lately

Lately whenever I’ve had a day off or an early shift (finish at 3pm) I’ve been using my time off to go shopping, usually with the same people, these being my Mom or my best friend.

So I thought I’d share what I’ve been purchasing recently. 😛

  • Maxi dress by Atticus clothing. £9.99 from Play.com

I told you I’d buy this recently and I bit the bullet after seeing it for less than £10 (only by a penny I know!) and I don’t regret it. I intend to wear this very soon (probably Monday) and I’ll probably team it with some wedges or brothel creepers and my boyfriend cardigan. To rock it up a little I’ll make sure to wear some gorgeous jewellery.

  • Work dress from Primark £10 originally £18.

I call this a work dress as that’s the section of Primark that this was being sold in. It was in the sale and I couldn’t resist trying it on, even though deep down I wasn’t sure about it. I tried it on and it looked gorgeous, wasn’t 100% sure if it was in the sale so when it rung up on the till for £10 it was sold! Will be wearing this religiously in the winter time as it’s lovely and thick! It’ll look fabulous during cold, icy days in the winter with my Dr Martens, one of my coats (probably my blue one) and a thick beanie hat. Can’t wait for winter already!

  • Shorts from Primark £10.

I’ve been buying so much from Primark lately, I don’t even get why! I think it’s due to trying to save money and plus, Primark just seem to have what I want/like at the moment. I wanted some new shorts as pretty much all of what I have are denim. I love the colour and smart style of these shorts, the colour reminds me of red wine. These will go perfect with my houndstooth coat, the blue sheer shirt with diamond collar and my Dr Martens or brothel creepers really well. Might wear them out tomorrow, depends how I feel and how the weather wants to be. Fingers crossed eh?!

  • Boyfriend cardigan from New Look £22.00

This is one of the best cardigans, sorry THE BEST cardigan I have ever purchased in my life so far. It’s snuggly, it’s warm and LOOK AT THE PATTERN it’s gorgeous! I remember spotting this with my Mom about a month ago and just couldn’t stop thinking about it. So whilst out shopping with my best friend I tried it on and I was hooked, skint after but I don’t regret buying it. It’ll go lovely with pretty much all of my wardrobe and keep me warm at the same time. The  pockets on the front are huge and it’s pretty thick. Can’t wait to wear this beauty again tomorrow.

  • Garnier Intensive 7 Days hand lotion in Shea Butter, Lynx Excite, Soap & Glory Sit Tights and Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk.

Bought all these after work on Wednesday, I only went out to buy Lynx and body lotion! Soap & Glory are 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment and my Mom was pestering me to get this offer so that she could have a free shower gel. So we ended up getting the offer, for ages I’d been wanting to try Sit Tight anyway so what the hell I thought! Will be trying Sit Tight and Smoothie Star for the first time tomorrow, so keep turned for a review of them both. As well as this I bought Lynx, I know it’s for men but it smells better than Impulse and works better for me than women’s deodorants. I sweat a lot, especially at work so I need something that I KNOW is working. Also the hand lotion I’ve been looking at to try for months and I needed one for my handbag so I did a random purchase and it’s restored my hands since. Another future review.

  • Lego Harry Potter Years 5-8 from HMV for £18.00, NYC lipstick in Blue Rose, Nails Inc nail polish in South Molton Street and 2True Cheek & Lip stain in Rose.

I’ve been wanting this Lego game since it came out in November and I finished off Years 1-4 just after the New Year so I needed something new to complete 100%. Finally found it cheap enough in the shops so went ahead and bought it. Once again, don’t regret it as I’ve played it loads and I’m probably at about 20% through the game now. Shweet! I love lipstick and recently read on a few blogs that this was the perfect dupe of MAC Show Orchid lipstick, which I’ve been dying to have for a while. I’ve never swatched Show Orchid but Blue Rose is gorgeous, it’s a wonderful hot pink with purple and blue shimmer undertones. I wore it one of the mornings to work and the first person I served commented saying, “Wow if I wasn’t awake, your lipstick has certainly done the trick!” That’s what I like to hear and for less than £2.00 this was a bargain. Bought a lip stain because I like the sound of them but I didn’t want my first one to break the bank. This looks beautiful on and I love it for mornings at work when I’m not in the mood to wear anything heavy. I’ll be wearing this DEATH during autumn/winter and next time  I might invest in Benefit’s version. Last of all Nails Inc are my favourite nail polish company. Their polishes are amazing value for money as they do such a wonderful job and have so much to choose from. I noticed this shade on the QVC website and decided to do some swatch research. Was pleasantly surprised to see that the colour wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be and decided to order two for £17. It’s possibly my favourite nail polish in my collection now as it makes my nails look gorgeous and more feminine AND it’s light enough to wear at work. SORTED! Will be wearing this pretty much all the time now. YAY!

So yes, that is what I have been buying lately, will probably end up going shopping again in the next week or so, hooray! 😛

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