I’m now a cartoon!

Yep, you read the title right, I have become a cartoon! Well not officially but thanks to my friend Claire I have. She does amazing cartoon drawings and after seeing some of her pieces dotted about her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I decided to ask her to if she could do one of me. She was so lovely and said yes straight away, not even asking for any commission! I told her what I wanted and within the space of a week it was drawn, coloured and sent to me. So here are some pictures of me as a cartoon!

This is the first image Claire sent me, which is a basic black outline. I requested she draw a pink tutu, black t-shirt, my houndstooth coat, a notebook, SLR camera and my Dr Martens. I loved the black and white picture but the best was yet to come with the colour versions…

Then you have the final coloured versions. The second one I’m smiling a little more (as you can see). I love both of these pictures by Claire and intend to try to fit them onto the side of my blog in the near future (with a little link for you to click on for where to contact Claire).

I love how she made me some cute little pastel leggings/tights as I forgot to request for some tights for my legs! Also love what she’s done with my coat, don’t care about it not having a houndstooth print the pictures are fucking amazing and I don’t think I can thank Claire enough for what a wonderful job she has done.

Since these I have requested for another piece by her, this time of a pole dancing version of myself. Will be fun to see how it turns out!

For now I want you to keep Claire busy. If you have any requests for her please go hit her up with a message over on her Twitter or Tumblr. She’s lovely and friendly and will try to do whatever she can to get you the perfect picture.

For now here I am signing off, thanks again Claire and much love and hugs and such to yourself. ^_^

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